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Bro Guide to Mondays

Typically everyone says that Mondays suck. But you know what? They only suck if you bring that kind of attitude to it. Forget all the old views on Monday. Do you know why? Because 99% of the time you are awesome! So let's go make every Monday just a little more awesome because that is how we do it.

Step #1

Start your Monday on Sunday night. Pick out something nice to wear for Monday because when you dress well you feel confident and ready to kick ass or pick up a hot girl. Lay it out, iron it, polish up the shoes, and be ready.

Step #2

Don't stay up super late Sunday night (unless you are having sex or in the middle of something that will later be a story that starts with, "You won't believe what happened to me..."). Drink some water, brush your teeth, and get your ass in bed so you can get some well deserved rest.

Step #3

Masturbate. You probably were going to do this anyway but just in case you forgot. Take the edge off the night before.

Step #4

Get up Monday when the alarm goes off; that extra 10 minutes never makes you feel more rested anyway. Now make sure to eat a big healthy breakfast to give you lots of energy to kick ass during the day.

Step #5

Leave for work 10 minutes early. Beat a little traffic (and the boss) to work. While driving turn up some loud music that gets you pumped and sing along in the car. Screw everyone else - own that shit!

Step #6

Smile like you won the fucking lottery. Just walk in and own the place. Who cares what your weekend was like or anything else? Everyone likes that happy guy (especially the ladies).

Step #7

Pick a new spot for lunch today and invite some people to roll with you. Everyone makes a big deal about Friday lunches but that shit is even more awesome on Monday.

Step #8

Think again about how awesome you are, how well you are dressed, and how much fun you are going to have at lunch. Plan on flirting with that hot girl from accounting and getting her number. Kick some ass at work because you are that guy and oh yeah, that just happened.

Can this be you? Hell yes it can be. It doesn't matter if it is Monday or Friday; you can be that guy that everyone likes to be around and who gets a hot girl with no problems. Why? Because you shouldn't ever have to settle for "this'll do" in life.