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Bro Guide to Manscaping

Manscaping is a really great word isn't it? It combines landscaping with man in a very metro sexual way that allows even the manliest of men to include the word in his vocabulary. Now while the removal or maintenance of one's hair is a personal preference, if you are going to do it you need to do it right. That is, of course, why we have created the Bro Guide to manscaping to cover all of the important rules of manly preservation.

Where to Manscape

Where not to manscape? The idea behind this activity is generally focused on unwanted or unappealing hair that is probably cockblocking you, even if you don't know it. The most common spots for male grooming are face, chest, back, genitals, and eyebrows. As you age the ears and nose can become problematic and some guys even go as far as dealing with arms, legs, hands, and feet.

The bottom line is that you want to look and feel good which in turn inspires confidence. You want to avoid looking like a werewolf extra from the Twilight movies. Nothing worse than realizing that your date ended badly because she was turned off by the bear-like vest you sport under your shirt.

The Body Hair Rules

·       Never shave - A razor should be used on the face and head (for those who prefer the Mr. Clean look) but not anywhere else. Shaving can cause ingrown hairs (which can really hurt), cuts, and bumps. Additionally hair typically grows back thicker and coarser each time. When you add to that the very uncomfortable post-shave period that occurs about two-days after a shave where you are like a miniature cactus, shaving is truly a bad choice

·       Try trimming - Using clippers is a great alternative for hair reduction. The chest, for example, can easily be trimmed once a week to a more manageable length that looks natural and avoids the prickly stage. With various settings you can easily trim around the armpits and groin as well. A beard and neck trimmer is a must for the man who has a moustache or other chin strap. Every guy should own a nose and ear trimmer because those hairs grow like weeds after 30.

·       Don't fear the wax - The back is a prime hot spot for waxing. It is hard to reach and see and yet any woman behind you when your shirt is off quickly gets an eyeful. Yes, the waxing scene from the 40 Year Old Virgin has scarred many of us, but a good wax is not that painful and it lasts for a few weeks. Plus hair grows back thinner and finer. The eyebrows are another spot prime for a wax job. However, never wax your junk. Seriously...ouch. I don't care if David Beckham waxes his jewels, it is just not bro.

·       Tweeze it - Tweezers aren't just for chicks. They are a simple way to pull out those odd hairs us men grow in strange places.

·       Laser removal - If you can afford it and are very self conscious about your hair, then why not laser the suckers? Hair is permanently removed in four to six sessions usually and sessions can fit into a lunch hour.

·       Have a schedule - Good grooming is part of good hygiene and should be done on a regular schedule. Obvious you don't want to turn into a full chick about it, but try and develop something that works into your schedule and fits your grooming needs.

Manscaping is one of those little things that guys do and women appreciate. If you are thinking, "Screw that! Why should I spend the time?" The answer is, would you like it if women were hairy everywhere? Hell no! So by the same token there are plenty of women out there who are going to be disgusted by long hairs curling out of your ear or some wild, untamed patch when you strip it off just like we are when we catch sight of a girl with hairy armpits.

So take the time to follow the Bro Guide to manscaping; the ladies do appreciate it.