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Bro Guide to Making Brotastic Videos

What is the difference between a YouTube video that gets 10 million hits and most everything else that gets shoved up there? Planning. That's right boys and girls, you need to do some planning if you want to score the next big viral video that makes you look like a boss, gets you laid, and will then catapult you towards the realm of legen.....wait for it.....


So how can you make amazingly funny videos? They are in great demand. Tons of sites have contests and you can get yourself featured on shows like Tosh.O if you can make it funny enough. Are there basic rules to follow? Of course there are. Lucky for you, we here at Manwall believe that sharing is caring. So welcome to.....drum roll please......

Brotastic Videos 101

·       Step 1 - Get an idea. You need to have a concept. It has to be something simple and yet hilarious. This is a bit hard, but think of all the videos that made you laugh your ass off. Take some of those ideas and either blatantly steal them or use them as inspiration for your own.

·       Step 2 - Plan how the video will be filmed. Usually an element of surprise works best so you can get honest reactions from people. So in the planning you need to think of who will be involved, location, time of day, and props.

·       Step 3 - Get a few cameras. You never want to rely on a single camera. Having multiple streams at the same time gives you more angels and less of a chance to not miss "the money shot".

·       Step 4 - Take a dry run. If you are setting up a practical joke like bottle rockets being tossed into the shower you want to make sure it logistically works. Can you hold the door shut while your Bro is inside? Is there enough clearance to toss the rocket in without hurting yourself? Where will the cameras go? You want to film a few seconds to check angles and coverage.

·       Step 5 - Just do it. You've done the preparation now put it in action. Try not to get arrested (but if you do, film it because that stuff is gold!).

·       Step 6 - Editing. Never never never just slap it up on YouTube without a little editing. Remove boring intro stuff. Get to the funny as soon as you can. Please don't add any cheesy production credits and other stuff at the beginning. Save that crap for the end.

·       Step 7 - Run it by a few random people. It doesn't matter who, just let them see it and watch their reaction. If the video sucks you need to try again. Don't post embarrassing shit bro.

·       Step 8 - Send it to Manwall and YouTube, plus anywhere else that has video contests. Win the contest, get a bunch of baller shit, and go "Ahhhhh yeah!"

Gentlemen, you have the tools. Now get out there and make us proud!