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Bro Guide to Kissing

Why does it seem that certain guys can just close the deal with any girl that they seem to meet? They get past the introduction, work into a conversation, get a little chemistry brewing, you see him lock lips with her, and then a bit later they are out the door together.

So what is the secret?

It's all in the way that he is kissing her Bro. Just like any other aspect of attracting a girl, there is always room for improvement in what you are doing (unless she says you are an amazing kisser, in which case you aren't going to be reading this).

Kissing is like a preview for the kind of guy you are going to be in the sack to most girls.

Seriosuly? Yup - you heard it from me and I have heard it from a whole lot of women. If a guy is a bad kisser some girls decide right then and there that he is going to get thrown out if he tries to steal second. A good kisser, on the other hand, has a much easier time stretching a single into a triple and is in great position to score a run. Some girls assume if a guy knows how to kiss her lips then he will know what to do well in other areas too.

For us guys we might not think of it the same. Usually we are just stoked to be kissing her. Then we start to think too much about what might happen next.  So read the rest of this guide and follow the steps we have outlined. Trust us; she will treat you differently if you learn to kiss her the right way instead of the wrong way.

Steps to Being a Great Kisser

Step #1 - Before you go out, make sure to shave for nice, smooth skin. Rough stubble can scratch and scrape her skin. If you have a moustache or goatee, make sure to wash and condition it along with a bit of grooming. A little face lotion goes a long way to keeping your skin smooth and smelling good. Finally use mouthwash, floss, and brush your teeth.

Step #2 - Use chap stick daily. Women love a guy with soft lips so make sure yours are. Using chap stick a few times a day will help prevent rough, dry lips and make you more kissable.

Step #3 - Carry tic-tacs or gum to fight off dragon breath. Sometimes there is nothing you can do, but better breath is always recommended.

Step #4 - When you are going to go for the kiss, check your body position. You want to be comfortable and have her in a comfortable spot so neither of you has to torque or bend your body too much. You can tilt your head either right or left as you move in. Make sure you have a decent angle to avoid bumping noses.

Step #5 - Make body contact. A hand on her hip, fingers gently placed on her back, touching her thigh, really anything that is nice and gentle. It is like a comfortable ice breaker before your lips meet that helps accentuate the moment.

Step #6 - Go in slow and soft. Close your eyes just as you are about to meet. The movie Hitch nailed it when Hitch said 'go forward 90% and then hold'. You want that first touch to be very slow and gentle, not hard and fast. Light pressure to begin with and then pay attention!

Step #7 - Match her movements. Everyone kisses differently. The key to being considered a good kisser is to match what she is doing. Try to let your lips feel what hers are doing and then copy that. What she is doing is usually what she knows and likes so give that right back to her. For example, if her tongue playful darts between your lips, then let yours dart back. If she bites your lip gently then nibble right back. Try and match her movements with your head and mouth along with the lips and follow her lead!

Step #8 - If you find yourself lip locked and heading towards the passionate kisses try and slowly increase your body contact. But again, try and match what she is doing with her body or signals she is sending. If you slowly slide a hand around her waist and she melts into you then obviously it is fine to give her a tight embrace.

There you have it. The steps are not Earth shattering knowledge, but it is the combination that works because if you smell nice, have soft lips, are well groomed, and kiss her the right way then you have sent all the right signals to her that you are a man who knows what he is doing with a woman.