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Bro Guide to Juggling Women

Let's face it, sometimes when you are dating you get on a hot streak. For some reason you get a combination of confidence, luck, and mojo which results in women suddenly being available everywhere you go. What is a guy to do?

Part of the quandary is that so many of us go through dry spells where we can't throw a rock into a crowd and hit a woman (don't try that method to meet women by the way). But then we have these flip sides where we have a date with a woman coming up and something changes about us. It is like when a woman is pregnant and has a glow. Apparently guys get a similar glow that makes us more attractive to the opposite sex.

Suddenly we have girls wondering what we are doing, getting extra eye contact and smiles, or even a ton of requests from girls online. So in the face of feast or famine we all generally do the same as much as we can!

Is this right or wrong?

To check the barometer I polled a few ladies on what they thought about this moral quandary. The general response was surprising and from that information we created some guidelines.

Rules to Juggling Women

·       Never ever lie. There is no reason to. It is completely fine to be dating more than one person at a time up until you have had the, "Is this exclusive?" conversation. All that you do by lying is risk creating a problem with a girl. That goes for telling her what she wants to hear about your goals for commitment (if you don't have any).

·       Be respectful of feelings. This is one of the biggest things you have to remember. It goes for yourself and the girls. People want different things in life. Some want to date casually and others expect after 3 dates that your Facebook status goes to "In a relationship". Do not lead anyone on that you are doing anything more than casual. As soon as it isn't casual then there should only be one girl on your plate.

·       Never book two or more dates in one day. This is simple logistics. If you have a date that is going really well and she doesn't want it to end, why should you? Now if one date ends and THEN you add something later that is fine (if you have the energy).

·       Do not confuse girls during texting. Keep crib notes or something to keep things straight. Also only carry on one conversation via IM or text at a time to prevent issues. Just because Girl B texts while you are texting Girl A does not mean you have to answer her right away.

·       Also cut back on communication. If you are texting each other every day but only going out once a week at some point she will quickly realize what is going on unless you are lying to her.

·       Do not keep taking dates to the same place. One, it is cheesy. Two, after the second time more than likely someone will mention to your date that you were with a different girl the past few nights. While we don't condone lying about what you are doing, you should spread things out a bit.

·       Don't get a big ego. It can be a little hard if you have 4 dates in a week with different women. Obviously you are flying high and feeling good, but that doesn't give you an excuse to be a cocky douche bag.

·       Be careful about the 'Circle of Friends'. When you are dating multiple girls there is always the danger that they might know each other, even just a little bit. This is where the rules for not lying or being a douche come into play. Because if you really like one girl but lied to her friend that could bite you in the ass.

·       Nobody gets your home phone number (if you even have one). That makes the message light on your answering machine a dangerous situation when you bring a girl home.

These rules are not that difficult to follow. Most of these really are just common sense. Of course a lot of common sense goes by the wayside for guys when women are involved (damn hormones!). But if you stick with these then you are less likely to do anything that is really considered "wrong" by anyone. Apparently women do the same thing when dating more than one guy so what is good for the goose is great for us!