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Bro Guide to Hangover Drinks

Hangovers suck. A little 'Hair of the Dog'? Sure, if it will quell this massive headache and the queasiness in my stomach, I will drink anything. That is fair enough since usually the night before you drank anything and everything which is how you find yourself in this mess.

When you wake up after a long night of drinking and feel like absolute crap most people will try anything to feel better. Of course lying in bed and sleeping it off is always preferred but sometimes those damn responsibilities in life have to be taken care of. Not to fear, Manwall is here! Wow that sounded almost superhero-ish.

First you need to get yourself up and moving. We recommend you try one (or more) of the following drinks to get things moving. Rehydrating is very important along with getting back vitamins and minerals into your system. Depending on the level of your hangover you will probably want to try one or more things from the other ideas list as well so you can feel as human as possible and not look like an extra from Night of the Living Dead.

Hangover Drinks

·       Vitamin Water Zero - Some people like Gatorade but I find the flavor varieties you get from Vitamin Water. My personal favorite is chugging a Multiple V and Defense...but each their own.

·       OJ and Egg - Yeah it sounds a bit gross but if Rocky can suck it down then so can you. Squeeze fresh juice from about 3 oranges into a glass and mix in a raw egg. Drink it all!

·       Blood Mary - Some people like a screwdriver, but I prefer a little tomato in my hangover cure.

·       Alka Seltzer to the Rescue! - Some people swear by this. Use the morning relief option.

·       Santa Cruz Organic Ginger Ale - Ginger ale is very common for an upset stomach. It pays to have a few cans of this specific type because of the amount of ginger in it (and that can is nice and cold).

·       Smoothies - There are a lot of options if you can handle it. Some people like wheat grass; I prefer a nice vitamin boost pack with extra orange (vitamin C).

·       Coffee/Red Bull - Skip these like the plague! They will make life much worse for you.


Other Hangover Cure Ideas

·       Skip the Caffeine - it dehydrates you more

·       Shower switching between hot and cold water

·       Eat some pickles (lots of minerals)

·       Get outside and run or walk. Fresh air and sunshine plus exercise help sweat that evil alcohol out!