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Bro Guide to Gym Etiquette


Here I am, trying to mind my own business and get a good workout in and yet I can't. Why you ask? Because I keep looking around and seeing all these guys with no gym etiquette and it's getting really annoying as hell.

So I am doing what any self respecting Bro would do; writing an article for all you guys that need to be reminded of general gym etiquette and why it is important (hint: it involves girls and the Bro code).

Gym Etiquette

1.     Noise - Totally fine to grunt and groan during a tough set, but every set and every rep? Seriously, is this women's tennis? Shouting and screaming does not help your intensity and it ruins the rest of our concentration so calm it the heck down. Even professionals only blow it out hard on max weight reps, not 8 in a row.

2.     Machine Hogging - I get it, you are using the machine. But do you need to sit on it like it's your lounge chair for the minute or two between your sets? What if I or some hot chick wants to work in? Maybe you could stand up and stretch next to it so asking to work in isn't so awkward.

3.     Sweat - If you sweat a lot, carry a towel. When you are done on a machine get a spray bottle and clean up after yourself; that is why they have them at the gym. Besides the fact that your Bro's don't want your sweat on them, the ladies notice when a guy has manners to clean up after himself. This goes for the cardio machines as well.

4.     Wife Beaters - Seriously? Just buy a real tank top. Who the hell wears those damn things to the gym? You look like a tool.

5.     Proximity - You don't need to be sly and go workout next to the hot girl. If she is interested, she will come workout next to you. It's not like she believes you are curling the 10 pound weights for your actual workout (unless you are in which case you have a lot of problems).

6.     Staring - Standing outside the aerobics room or constantly walking behind the cardio machines to stare at women in tight clothes is just kind of creepy. Seriously, you can get free porn all night long on the internet so stop giving guys a bad name by pulling a stalker move.

7.     Showering - Wear a towel! I don't care if you are hung like Ron Jeremy...nobody wants to see that or your ass when they walk into the locker room. Show a little respect for your Bro's and cover up so things don't get weird.

Is this a big list? No. It is really rather simple. So do you, your Bro's, and really anyone else in the gym a favor and follow these rules. It makes the whole experience better for everyone.