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Bro Guide to Fitness

Everyone wants to look good. Yet, not everyone does. For most guys the ideal body is lean with useful muscles and a tight 6 pack of abs. It is just an all-purpose look that the ladies love. Sure, some guys want to go for a bigger look. But unless you have the time to maintain that bigger frame eventually you start to look like a guy who used to be in shape.

The ideal goal should be a lean version of yourself with low body fat around 8% and then adding about 10 pounds of muscle. Ideally your body is meant to function at that level so once you get there; keeping it there is a lot less work.

So why aren't more guys looking like that?

It's not that people don't spend enough time in the gym; because usually they do. It's not that the effort isn't there; because it usually is. Typically what is missing is a proper diet and then doing the right workout.

The 70/20/10 Rule

Having a great body is usually 70 percent diet, 20 percent working out, and 10 percent mental. But what most people usually employ is a 20/70/10 rule at best. They spend more hours in the gym to supposedly offset bad eating habits. Sadly that doesn't do much unless you have the time and energy to spend 3 hours working out every day.

So what works?

Diet should be your number one priority. You need to learn how to get lean by eating right all the time. To do this you need to:

·       Eat Smaller Meals - 6 meals every 2 to 3 hours

·       Make Your Food - Less processed junk and no snacking

·       8pm Cutoff - Only protein shakes allowed after this time of night (unless you work all night)

·       Supplements - Multivitamin, Creatine, Flax Seed Oil, and Whey Protein

What to eat?

·       Complex carbs

·       No white carbs

·       Fruit & Veggies

·       Lots of Protein

·       Natural Fats

Working Out

Depending on your size you will probably want to find a nice program like a Power Fit type of routine. These hard core workouts are the absolute best at combining cardio with toning and strength building. The variety involved as well as the motions ensures that you are doing useful training that will translate into all aspects of life such as sports and even sex!

If that fails simply do a hard 30-45 minute cardio session followed by a short, 45 minute heavy weight session. Split your body into 3 days with 1 day for Legs, 1 day for Chest/Shoulders/Triceps, and 1 day for Abs/Back/Biceps. Take 1 day off between workouts (or two if still sore).

The Mental Aspect

The reason mentally you have to be invested at least 10% is because of focus and consistency. It takes hard work to get the body you want. But after you get there, maintaining it is easier. It is very easy to wolf down a whole pizza. It is hard to instead choose the salad. But when the end result is a massive boost to your confidence because people admire your body, then it is totally worth it.