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Bro Guide to Dealing with a Breakup

Breakups suck. Being on either side of the equation involves emotion. Even if she was a troll and needed to go there are always some attachments. On the other hand, when she gives you the heave-ho, it is much worse. Not only is there a feeling of loss but also the ego gets a bit bruised from being rejected.

So what do you do? Go get blind drunk and hope that solves it? It won't. You just have to deal with it. Life is annoying that way sometimes; you can't avoid it. But we here at Manwall are sympathetic to this situation. It has happened to us and we know it sucks. So here is our guide to help you past this tough spot. We hope this helps and make sure to share this with any Bro's dealing with this problem.


·       Acknowledge that there is a reason - The breakup happened and usually there is no going back. Maybe she cheated on you or you two just weren't right for each other.  There is nothing you can do to change that reason. There is no perfect speech or action that can change a woman's mind once it is made up - trust us, we know.

·       Give her some space - Somehow men can become clingy little girls after a break-up. We do stupid things like drive by her house, check her Facebook page constantly, or send texts like, "just seeing how you are doing". Stop it you big baby! If you ended it you can't confuse her. If she ended it you need to respect her boundaries.

·       It's over - This is the hardest one to deal with. Just like when your team loses in the playoffs; all the crying and begging doesn't change the result of it being done. If she doesn't want to be with you then there is not a damn thing you can do about it. So stop feeling sorry for yourself.

·       Put away the reminders - Cards, letters, gifts, and everything else should be put in a box. You don't have to destroy the stuff because that is done out of anger; but you don't need to dwell on it either. Put it away because she isn't coming back.

·       Work on yourself - You are upset, emotional, and have more time on your hands. That sounds like a great time to focus that energy into work or working out. Being successful in either aspect is rewarding and makes you more attractive for the next go round. Being dumped is excellent motivation.

·       Get out - Go out with your friends and don't just sit around alone. But if you do go out, don't be that pathetic sad guy who brings the world down.

·       Forgive her - This seems strange but it is part of the healing process. Forgive her for hurting you. It helps free you.

·       Open your eyes - The world is a very big place with lots of people in it including plenty of suitable partners. You will have a chance to find another one. Everything happens for a reason and that reason could be for you to find a better woman.