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Bro Guide to Dating Profiles

Online dating is here to stay. With millions of women online at the various dating sites it makes sense that every single guy should have a profile up on a site to increase his chances of finding the girl he is looking for. But with that being said not all dating profiles are equal.

Some just plain suck.

Of course that means that you won't get much of a reaction from women you contact and you won't have women randomly contacting you. The whole reason for being on a dating site is to get dates. So let's fix up that profile and make it more appealing!

Rules of Dating Profiles:

1.     Pictures - A picture is like when you say "Hello" to a woman. If you screw it up then a conversation either starts on the wrong foot or not at all. First, no topless or other unclothed pictures. I have talked to enough women to know that they think this is cheesy and it doesn't matter what you look like. Ideally your main picture should either be classic head-shoulders-chest type of picture or something of you being silly. Silly help attracts more clicks to see the rest of your pictures. If you don't have any good recent photos (must be recent) take new ones (or have a friend do it). Make sure you are dressed nicely, look good, and SMILE!

2.     The Intro - This is the next most important part of the profile. If the first paragraph is not interesting she probably won't read the rest. Try to be relaxed, funny, and honest. Describe yourself with a few simple words like, "I am an outgoing guy who leads an active lifestyle and is looking for that special woman to share life's adventures with." From there you can list a little more about yourself but don't go overboard.

3.     Specifics - Most sites are different when it comes to the "Body" of information you provide about yourself, but they always have the basic specifics like age, height, body type, and more. Be honest! List you exact height. If you are balding then say it proud! If your body type is chunky then either put chunky or hit the gym. This is all stuff she will verify the first she meets you. If you lie trying to get a first date she is going to assume you will lie about anything.

4.     Status - By this I mean single/divorced/separated. Be honest! Again she will dump your ass faster than you can make an excuse if you even seem like you are trying to run a game on her. Most women either are or become suspicious about meeting guys online because one too many douche bags try to run games on girls and ruin it for the rest of us. Don't be that guy.

5.     Tag Lines - Again different sites have different things. Some have an 80 character tag line to describe you. Either go with something funny, inspirational, or romantic. Funny should be something a female friend would laugh at, not your Bro's. When in doubt go romantic. Also for other sections that ask question like "What is the most private thing you are willing to admit," or "What would be an ideal first date," go for funny or romantic (not sappy).

6.     Etiquette - No stalking! You should be confident and not desperate. If you find a profile you really like, copy the pictures and some information down. That way you don't have to re-visit her profile a bunch of times and look like a creep. Send a polite intro message hopefully that is short yet charming or funny to capture her attention. If she doesn't respond then move on; they don't think it is cool when you instantly IM them and appear desperate.

7.     Overall - Put anything online that you would tell a girl on the first date. Honestly she will find it out eventually so you might as well get some of it out in the open ahead of time. In my experience that makes it less likely you end up wasting time with someone who isn't going to be a good match for you. Read, re-read, and edit your profile a few times before putting it up. Also don't be afraid to change things when needed.

8.     Don't Buy It - People who have to buy a dating profile are idiots. You want her to want you for you. Figure out how to get girls to like you; don't pay other people to do that shit for you Bro.