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Bro Guide to Dating After Divorce

Getting a divorce sucks, which is a plain and simple truth. But, as comic Louis CK is quick to point out, there is never a 'bad divorce'. You don't look at a couple and think, "Awww they really would be better together." Nope, you are apart for a reason!

So let's embrace that fact and move right along!

It's a Whole New World

If you have been married any significant amount of time, you are about to embark on a strange and mysterious journey. Dating now is totally different that it was 5, 10, or 15 years ago. Get ready for some culture shock! You might be too old to go clubbing (let alone want to take home what you find there). So what do you do?

Relax, take a deep breath, and dive in the flipping pool no matter how cold that water looks. Dating is like riding a bike; you don't forget how to do it. But with that being said it will be a bit awkward and look funny the first time you get back in the saddle and try and find your balance. Reading articles like this are a great first step as you learn some basic rules.

Simple Steps

Step 1 - Make sure you are actually ready to date. Are you done whining and moaning about your ex? Great, because your date sure as hell won't want to listen to that noise. So suit up and go looking to have fun in the dating world.

Step 2 - Don't worry about finding your next relationship. Too many dudes think they need to find a girlfriend right away, like it will prove to everyone that they are a good guy or something. Forget that! Just go out with the goal of having a good time! Whether that is kissing a girl, enjoying that you are out, or having crazy monkey-sex - just get out there and own it.

Step 3 - Date anyone to start. Don't be all picky with your 'types' or looking for that arm candy hot '10'. You want to know why? Because typically the first relationship you get into after a divorce fails. Also you are just getting back into the kiddie pool of dating so get in there with anyone just to get some experience under your belt. Even professional fighters work their way up the ranks to get some practical ring time in before getting to the title bouts. You need to get used to kissing someone new, trying different moves, and hell...having sex with someone new.

Step 4 - Date a lot. Don't worry about getting serious. Get out there and see the world. Build up your confidence. I'm not saying cheat on girls or be some huge player, but damnit Jim you have been sprung from your relationship hell (just guessing since it ended in divorce) so cut it loose!

Step 5 - Let your next relationship just happen. No pressure on a date (because you are dating a lot) means you will be loose, relaxed, and confident (which chicks dig). It makes it more likely that something can or will develop if she is right for you.

Step 6 - Don't settle. You just went through a divorce, remember that. As you start dating work on your list of things you are looking for in your next relationship. Also make a list of "deal breakers". These two lists make it a lot easier to sort through single ladies as you get to know them. Since you have done the whole marriage thing and had it fail you should be pickier about getting the right girl for you the next time around the block.

Now get out there's an adventure and it's time for the next chapter in your story.