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Bro Guide to Coolness


Coolness is the art of being cool. It truly is an art. Some men have more natural aptitude for it, much like the natural athletic ability of a high level sports star. Much like a LeBron James was gifted with amazing physical talents, so was James Dean given an advantage in being cool. However not everyone is gifted with the same natural tools as a Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. But, much like a solid role-player on any sports team, you can still work hard on your fundamentals and get to the big game.

Not convinced that you can become cool? Let's look at a few brief case studies. John Travolta was extremely cool in his younger years. He had Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Welcome Back Kotter along with everything a guy could want. Then he lost his mojo and faded to obscurity for awhile. Years later his coolness reemerged and he was 'the man' again. Samuel Jackson was very uncool in the start of his Hollywood career. But after a few good roles and following some basic rules he transformed into one of the coolest guys on the planet who everyone wanted to be associated with. While these examples are both movie stars, they are used because of the notoriety of their rise rather than saying only movie stars can be cool.


·       Be Yourself - Never try to be someone else. That always rings false. The coolest people are confident enough to let everyone else see who they are without any bull. If you like jazz then listen to it. Just because others say you need to listen to Lady Gaga doesn't mean you have to.

·       Be Positive - The angry guy or the jerk are never cool. A good mood is infectious and generally speaking cool people are almost always in a good mood because they are cool (it's a vicious cycle).

·       Be Presentable - This means being physically fit, decently groomed (teeth, nails, and showered), walking tall, looking people in the eyes, and smiling. Very rarely are slobs or shy people known as 'that cool guy'.

·       Don't Judge - This goes for yourself or others. The cool guy doesn't make fun of the overweight girl or pick on the weakest in a group because it's easy. On the same note don't judge yourself harshly either. Live is too short to get tense about perfection.

·       Be Confident - When you talk, speak clearly without being in a hurry. Don't jump in a conversation or cut people off because you need to hear yourself. Think about what you are going to say. Walk with purpose, shake hands solidly, and be the man.

·       Be Good at Conversation - It is a lost art. Mostly it involves listening and responding with just enough to let the other person keep going. Also having questions or things to bring up can spark a discussion in a group.

·       Be Funny - Making people laugh is always cool. Laughing at yourself and keeping the mood easy are classic cool guy abilities. Anyone can insult people and fish for jokes. The cool guy can make fun of himself and take a good joke.

·       Look Cool - That doesn't mean designer clothes or copying other people. You dress how you want in your style and own it. Note: this means you should have some style. But the slovenly rule from above still applies.

·       Stay Cool - Be calm and relaxed. If you try to hard you will probably not make it. There is a point between not trying and trying too hard where doing occurs and that is part of being cool.

·       Don't go for "Bad" Cool - Bad habits are just annoying and end up not being cool. Yes girls say they want a bad boy, but that is just some weird thing about fixing people. The cool guy gets plenty of girls because lots of people like to be around the cool guy.


Cool is a state of mind as well as a state of being. There is a certain, "I don't care what you think of me," that does into it because there is confidence in being yourself and being happy. The cool guys usually get the best girls and find themselves doing fun things because the cool guy gets invited to places due to him being fun. Be that cool guy.