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Bro Guide to Conversations

Conversation is a lost art in this world. With texting, IMing, and using Facebook becoming such a normal aspect of people's lives it seems like having an honest to God conversation about anything meaningful is a thing of the past. But it shouldn't be.

Anyone can become great at conversations. This lost art will be invaluable to you no matter what the situation. Women love a man who knows how to have a great conversation. Learning how to lead or add to a group setting is always nice when at a party or other social situation.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get to it!

Top 6 Conversation Tips

1.     Listen - This is the best skill you can ever learn (especially around women). Some people love to talk. They just can't wait to share their life with anyone who will listen. So give them that opportunity. Just make sure to pay attention to what they are saying so you can ask pointed questions. A confident man is fine being quiet and listening.

2.     Eye Contact - Whenever someone is talking you should be looking at them to acknowledge that you are paying attention. If it is a date you want to keep your eye contact confident and not creepy. With a group if you are talking then you want to look at the people in the group as you are talking to let them know they are involved in the conversation.

3.     Lead the Conversation - This is a tricky one, but if things are going down a boring route (especially on a date) don't be afraid to say something like, "Enough about that...let's talk about..." This is an invaluable tip if the topic gets onto ex's or something else that brings up the wrong kind of emotions. It is okay to be confident and move the conversation to something more fun and interesting.

4.     Ask Questions - Even if you don't have anything great to add to a topic you can easily keep a conversation going by asking an interesting question. Generally the questions can be simple like, "What else did you do?", "Was that hard?", or "Is that something you want to do again?" You just need to have a few of these in your pocket to keep a conversation going even if you really don't know much about the subject.

5.     Respect - Always be polite and respectful. There is no reason to ever be a rude jerk (well there is, but those situations are only occasional). If someone interrupts you - roll with it. If something starts to turn into an argument or debate - ease back and remember to not ruffle too many feathers. Everyone is entitled to an opinion (even if they are totally wrong) and most people will get really mad before changing them.

6.     Be Fun - You always want to be relaxed and playful. Those people that everyone remembers are the ones who make the good funny quip or have that great story. Be that guy! You don't want to talk about serious things like religion or politics (too easy to piss people off). By the same token you don't want to be talking yourself up looking to impress people. If you are going to add something to the conversation look for the fun opening rather than making a point that draws the wrong kind of attention to yourself.

The last time we will include is really for dating only. Never...ever....under no circumstances do you ask a girl, "Do you want to hang out again," or "Do you like me?" or any similar type of fishing expedition to track your progress. Women want a confident guy. You can just as easily say, "We should go out sometime," to get the same reaction but this time it sounds confident. Conversation is really simple at it's' core. With these rules to follow it should be easy for any of you to excel no matter what the situation.

Bro Tip #1725 - Even a three foot plumber can get the princess if he knows how to play the game.