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Bro Guide to Christmas Gifts for your Lady

Do you want to hear something sad? A recent survey of women found that seventy-two percent of them didn't like the gift their significant other got them for Christmas last year. Seventy-two! That is just under one out of every four. Sure, if you were a baseball player then batting .280 would be a decent year, but for gift giving that means you are screwing the pooch royally my friend. How hard is it to buy Christmas gifts for women?

Bro's, why do we give women gifts? Of course it is because we want to let them know how much we care for them and appreciate...oh who the hell are we trying to fool here; it's for the sex.

Yup, I said it. We give gifts to make sure she keeps dropping her panties. So if you want to learn how to properly shop for your lady and ensure not only regular panty dropping but also enthusiastic coupling, pay attention and learn the right way to approach buying Christmas gifts for women.

Christmas Shopping for your Lady 101

First let's work down the list of "do not's". This is important because giving the wrong gift is almost as bad as forgetting the get one at all.

·       Sexy Lingerie - Unless you are one of those lucky bastards who have a freak in the bedroom who loves to dress up in lingerie skip this gift. Basically you are buying something for you to look at and trying to pawn it off as a gift. Women know this and hate this. The only exception is a tasteful, expensive, silk-style robe.

·       Anything Domestic - Look honey, I bought you a new dishwasher because you kept complaining about the old one! It doesn't matter how many times she has complained about a broken appliance or wanting something to make domestic life easier, she doesn't want it for Christmas, her birthday, or an anniversary...she just wants it. Unlike guys who love tools any day of the week, she will fry your nut sack for dinner if you buy her a new set of pans. The exception here is a "foody" who loves to cook and you totally nail it with that $300 sauté pan she has been eying.

·       Anything Functional - Pretty much see above. Functional is boring and you can only really get away with it after like 20 years of marriage. Oh look - candlestick holders! The exception is when you have a woman who is dropping hints like crazy about something she really wants and will kill you if you don't get it.

What you should buy

It needs to be something that works for your woman. While not all women are the same, generally there are certain concepts you need to keep in mind. First of all think about making it personal. Second, aim for romantic or sensitive. Third, do not be a cheapskate! Even if you miss the mark, by putting in time, effort and some money you will at least get some points for trying.

Make a photo album - Technology makes being thoughtful easy. Using a site like Shutterfly you can compile photos of you and your gal from the past year. Add some notes next to the photos about where you were, what you were doing, and sweet sayings. They print the book for you and send it to you.

Shiny things rule - It is hard to go wrong with jewelry, unless you buy crap. First, if you have the money, head straight to Tiffany. Ladies freaking love to unwrap that box. If that isn't in your price range, find a nice women's accessory shop that has unique jewelry. ASK for help. Typically the saleswomen in these stores will be able to help pick out a winner if you describe how your girl dresses and colors or styles she normally wears. If you aren't sure on ring size measure one of hers on your finger.

The Romantic Getaway - Plan a weekend away someplace she wants to go. Find a nice bed and breakfast or special hotel to stay at, find fun things to do and then present it in a unique way. Print up post-cards for the destination, make mock-plane tickets, and put fun hints in a wrapped box like a few seashells if you are hitting Hawaii.

The Pamper Package - Find a good local spa. Read the reviews and even visit it to get a feel that it is a nice place. Then book a package for two. Add a gift certificate for a nice restaurant nearby for a post relaxation lunch or dinner. Include a note saying, "You deserve some relaxing girl time," with the idea that she takes a friend because do you really want to take a mud bath?

Chocolate and Champagne - Always a great combination especially if you seek out the higher end options and don't just grab some See's and a bottle of Brut. Include a pair of nice glasses and you have the makings of a winner.

Are these the best Christmas gifts for her? Most of them are pretty solid. If you want more ideas make sure you check out the right type of stores and avoid the cliché gifts. is a great online spot to get some good gifts and nice ideas. also has some solid options. For those who want very unique gifts check out

The bottom line when buying Christmas gifts for women is to take the time to do it right and not half-ass it. If you want to have a very merry Christmas you will take this very important lesson to heart otherwise the forecast might be very cold and bleak indeed.