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Bro Guide to Bro Challenges

Sometimes you just have to step up to the challenge. Back in the day it was stuff like getting your ass 'triple dog dared' and having to stick your tongue (or other anatomy) to a cold flagpole. Nowadays we have advanced to an almost unprecedented level of crazy stunts to try.

With any luck you will remember to bring your video camera or have a big space on your cell phone when recording if you challenge your Bro's to anything on this list. They are all pretty brutal but we do have it in our Bro Code: Challenge Made - Challenge Accepted!

The Bro Challenges

1.     The Cinnamon Challenge - You have to eat 1 Tablespoon (the big one) of cinnamon in under 60 seconds without water. This is kind of dangerous so do not inhale it as it can mess up your lungs. Also it is nearly impossible. Vomit bag anyone?

2.     100% Cacao Challenge - Eat an entire Ghirardelli 100% Cacao Chocolate bar in one minute. This is doable but tastes like eating chocolate chalk after a few squares. Expect to lose money on the challenge but enjoy every minute of it.

3.     Saltine Challenge - Eat 6 saltines in 60 seconds. Easy right? Nope. No water or fluids allowed and all the crumbs must make it down your super dry mouth.

4.     Banana & Sprite Challenge - The challenge is not to vomit. You eat two bananas and then drink 1 liter of Sprite. Then inside your stomach they mix and things erupt. Good luck. Also make sure to do this outside.

5.     Butter Challenge - Eat a pound of butter as fast as you can. Make sure you go unsalted...line it up with your Bro's and go for it!


So when you and the boys are thinking of making a night more difficult for each other, remember this list of challenges. They are all very difficult so I recommend making the challenge after they have been drinking a bit and then record the hilarity to show forever and ever!