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Bro Guide to Bradying

Tired of Tebowing? No problem because now you can start Bradying. What? You aren't aware of the hottest new game to sweep the nation? Well let the experts at Manwall explain this simple game using funny pictures.

During the Super Bowl, Tom Brady threw a laser like pass towards the area where Gronk had just limped away from only to be intercepted by Chase Blackburn. Brady sat on the turf, legs extended in front of him with his hands clasped, and head bowed. Thus was born "Bradying".

Tebowing has so of course there is now where you can send your photos. Jared Kleinstein, who created, told the Huffington Post that, "Tebowing is in praise of a quarterback, Bradying seems to be mocking one." Uh, what? Are you serious Jared? When people started Tebowing it was a joke to mock Tim Tebow's actions. But after his nice win streak people started to use it as a positive.

But apparently Jared is a slightly delusional fan who went on to state that, "Tebowing isn't just a meme with pictures on a website; it's become a way to unite the Broncos fan base, and show support for Tebow no matter where you are in the world."

Suuuurrrree Jared. Just to see if his point was valid the crack staff at Manwall searched the Tebowing database (because we keep on our Manwall hard drive) to see what was up. The gallery of funny pictures tells a completely different story. To us it looks like both are just ways to screw around and take funny pictures to share with people. Plus it seems like hotter chicks are Tebowing than Bradying.

So are you ready to try Bradying? It is fairly simple and can be done almost anywhere. Some people have even been able to do a little Bradying while passed out. Practice this weekend and then on Monday start posting your best Bradying funny pictures here at Manwall and let's see who wins!