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Bro Guide to Birthday Gifts


I just had a birthday and while you can never complain when people give you gifts, sometimes you just think "What the hell was he thinking?" Then it dawned upon me. Some people make the mistake of doing something silly like asking your wife or girlfriend what they should buy. Now that approach is fine for girls or when you are buying gifts for girls. But when you are getting something for your Bro there is a certain standard that needs to be followed.

No worries, at Manwall we make sure to have your back. Not sure what to get? We have some ideas. How do we know they are good? They are awesome because you and I would both be pretty stoked to get them.

Booze - It is really hard to go wrong with alcohol (unless he is in AA in which case you are a douche bag for not remembering). A nice scotch or good tequila is always well received. Other ideas include a home beer brewing kit or a Beers of the World membership.

Cigars - This gift depends on if your friend does enjoy the occasional smoke of a fine cigar. If so then it makes a very nice gift. For those who don't know much about cigars, the local shop can usually point you in the right direction.

Tickets to the Game - What game? Any good game he is a fan of. You can also get a few friends to go in on the gift together if the really good seats are too pricey.

Sports Jersey's - You know his team and favorite player so outfit him. Or you can get a custom jersey with his name or nickname on it.

Mancation - It's like a vacation but with the guys. Have a few friends jump in on the idea and take a three day weekend to golf at Pebble Beach, go rock climbing, or whatever. The boys all go have fun and he doesn't have to pay for a thing. Wolfpack!

Magazine Subscription - There are always the classics like SI, Maxim, and Playboy. We always need more reading material for those rough days after Taco Truck Thursday.

ESPN 30 for 30 Collector Set - This is an awesome collection of insider sports info. A good second choice is the complete Friday Night Lights set on DVD.

New Hobby Gear - Golf stuff, tackle box, or a sweet rifle scope. I'm sure your Bro has complained at some point about something in his gear he wants to replace - so do it for him.

Cool Tools - There is always some weird new tool out there that is insanely awesome like a Craftsman Clench Wrench or some other wicked new design. are always awesome.

Steak - Big, juicy steaks are a great gift. You can buy some pretty cool stuff online and have it delivered frozen for use at any time. Really you can't go wrong with things like steak or bacon when getting a gift for another guy.