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Bro Guide to Bar Games

You know what is really cool? Being at a bar and kicking the crap out of your Bro's at whatever game is being played. But typically, unless you spend way too much time in a bar, there is only one or maybe two games you naturally are good at.

Fear not, there is a Bro Guide for that....
Bar Games Tips

Pool - Most good bars and lounges have a pool table. Knowing how to be an above average player involves understanding fundamentals; being great takes practice. So learn the basics now and evolve into a great player.

·       Stick - Roll it on the table to make sure it is straight. A warped stick equals a warped shot.

·       Grip - Keep a loose grip using two or three fingers and the thumb for support. You want control but fluidity. The back arm is critical too. Your forearm and wrist should be in a straight line to the floor with your palm facing the ground. This creates a nice, even stroke that goes straight forward instead of off to the side.

·       Aim - Imagine there is no cue ball and figure out where you need to hit the ball with your stick to make it go in. Now aim for that spot with the cue ball when you are shooting.

·       Shots - Avoid shooting the length of the table when possible; the more felt equals more chance of a slight trajectory miss. Also some angles just can't be made without years of practice. Look for the simplest shot and take it.

·       Power - Real men know you don't have to slam the ball into the pocket every time. Using a light touch can help keep the cue where you want it for the next shot.

Darts - Another classic bit of bar fun involves throwing pointy objects after drinking; brilliant!

·       Stance - Turn your lead foot sideways. Lean a few inches forward but not so much that you are off balance. Make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable.

·       Aim - Everything should line up to the center of your body. You head, elbow, wrist, and hand should all be in a center line to the target so as you throw forward it is on a single line trajectory. Just like in ball sports, make sure to follow through with your hand and fingers. This helps complete the aim.

·       Arc - You want a slight arc in your toss, but if it is looping too much then you are not throwing hard enough.

·       Nickname - Gotta have a cool name if you are slinging darts!

Shuffleboard - Not all bars have these but they are awesome when you do because a game can last a long flipping time; more bang for your buck! Everybody's shuffling.

·       Sand/salt - make sure to pour extra sand or salt on the table before you start playing and during a game for a consistent slide. But make sure to be a dick and do it before your turn so your opponent doesn't get the benefit.

·       Toss - Get some practice tosses in and find a style that suits you. Learning to fire straight is really important as well as a good touch to score points.

·       Spin - Avoid trying to be a pimp and forget spin. It really doesn't do much except the one time in twenty it actually works.

·       K.O. - Try to knock opponents' weights off whenever you can because it is awesome to do!

Foosball - An old favorite that is like soccer but cooler!

·       Position - Always keep one hand on the goalie. All of your players should be in down position to start.

·       Hitting - Short, quick wrist motions are what it is all about. That flailing and spinning is for amateurs and doesn't get as much torque anyway. Use a flat palm against the handle and quickly slide your hand up for short, quick hits. Grabbing and releasing takes way too long.

·       Offense - Play to block with your players then move side to side with the ball (pull shot) before firing a shot towards the goal. If you are smooth enough then you will get by them.