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Bro Guide to Bar Etiquette

You would think by now that everyone would know the rules of behavior at a bar. Yet, every time I go out there is always a bunch of people that completely ignore all of the proper sociological requirements that almost everyone else has learned.

Why is this?

Simple. We never teach a class on bar etiquette. Sure we cover all the basic subjects as well as some obscure ones in college. But proper manners when out at a watering hole seems to be a subject left by the wayside.

Well not anymore! Welcome to Manwall's crash course on the proper way to handle yourself when out and about.

Bar Etiquette

1.     Always be polite to your bartender, waiter, or waitress. This means saying please and thank you. This also means you don't give them names you think are funny. While it is perfectly acceptable for the bartender to say, "What will you have chief?" you do not get to use a similar nickname for him.

2.     Always have your money out. You order, they deliver, you pay. It is simple and seamless. Don't make the rest of us wait an extra 5 minutes for our drinks because you can't find your wallet.

3.     Don't order if you aren't paying. Then you have to play that stupid game of figuring out who owes money for what. It slows down the flow for all of us Bro. Don't just think about you. You aren't the only one drinking here.

4.     Hang up the phone when talking to people. It doesn't matter if it is the guy at the door, any other staff, chicks, or your Bro's. In a good bar it is too loud anyway so take that shit outside. When hanging out with real people give them proper respect.

5.     Don't hog all the space at the bar if you don't need it. Unless you are drinking shot after shot you should find a table or something. When a bar is crowded people need to be able to belly up to order. Don't be that guy holding court over a big section of the bar and booze-blocking the rest of us.

6.     Don't bring too much crap into a bar. There is no storage spaces or coat check. Man up and toss it in the car before you come in.

7.     The only thing the bathroom is for is going to the damn bathroom. Do us all a favor and don't lock the door so you can hook up. Some of us have got to pee. Take that out to the alley, the car, or better yet her place.

8.     If you need to fight go outside. It even sounds badass when you say it, "Would you like to step outside?" Plus if you bump into me and make me spill my drink then you suddenly have two guys who are going to kick your ass instead of one.

9.     Tip like a man. Don't be stingy; they are working while you are having fun. If money is that tight then you shouldn't be out anyway.

10. When ordering food plan on sharing. It's a bar which is like a continual social situation. Don't be that douche who won't share the giant basket of curly fries.