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Bro Guide to Bacon Desserts


Excuse me, did you say Bacon? By now man has taken to putting bacon with just about anything. There is good cause for this experimentation because bacon is delicious. But have we done too far? Have things started to tumble into the world of mad scientist in our quest for bacon flavored delights? America's Pork Checkoff Program says, "Bacon makes it better," and by God if they aren't willing to try anything to prove it!

Bacon Milkshake (Jack in the Box)- To start with this shake does not actually have bacon in it. That is good because sucking up chunks of bacon in a straw would be really hard. It is a limited time only thing (which means it will be around as long as it sells) that isn't on the menu. Oooohh so taboo! To be clear it's a beverage and not a dessert. Yeah right, bacon is always a dessert. You can get the mini heart attack with 773 calories and 40 grams of fat or the cardiac arrest at 1081 calories and 54 grams of fat. The flavor is.....different.

Maple Bacon Sundae - Pish posh Jack in the Box; Denny's has had bacon and ice cream mixed together since April. This delectable delight is only $2.99 and you get maple-flavored syrup, vanilla ice cream, diced bacon, maple-flavored syrup, vanilla ice cream, and more diced bacon in a crazy 6 layer sundae. The flavor ends up a little weird, almost like it was an accidental creation. But the little 12 ounce creation packs it in with 810 calories and 40 grams of baconlicious fat.

Apple Cinnamon Bacon Brownies - This is actually crazy genius. You mostly cook some bacon (it will finish in the oven) and dry it. Then you make brownies. After pouring half the brownie mix in a pan you place the bacon flat and then pour in the rest of the brownie mix. You bake and then let them harden to have a choco-bacon treat. Wowsers! Honestly these aren't even that bad for you depending on the type of bacon you use and the brownie recipe.

Bacon Topped Cupcakes - I do love a good cupcake and I do love bacon. My girlfriend was very nice to pick me up a cupcake from one of those frilly specialty shops that had a big chunk of glazed bacon on top. Oddly enough I didn't like it. The salty bacon did not go with the super sweet sugar of the icing. However on the second one I ate (yeah she got me two because she is that awesome), I simply ate the bacon first then later had the cupcake like a two course meal.

Bacon Vodka - Genius! Who doesn't want a shot of Absolute Bacon? This is more of a home brew creation. Cook up 12 strips of bacon and put them in a long Pyrex dish with a lid. Pour a liter of vodka in the dish as well and seal it up. It should sit at room temperature for 4-5 days (the alcohol protects from spoilage). Then remove the bacon and put the dish in the freezer to solidify the oils. Pour it through a coffee filter a few times to take the frozen oils out of the mix and you now have bacon vodka!

Do you have any bacon desserts to share with your Bro's? Add them in the comments and we will thank you for it.