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Bro Guide to Bachelor Parties

Picture this, you have been given the ultimate honor from a Bro; being his Best Man at his wedding. What is the first thing your mind goes too? No, not if you are going to bag a bridesmaid (well maybe...). Obviously the first thing that flashes through your mind is BACHELOR PARTY BABY!

Then like a tidal wave movie clips from the Hangover and of course, Bachelor Party, flash by in your mind as the wheels begin turning. It has to be epic, it has to be crazy, and the future Mrs. Bro has to never find out what you are planning.

Need some ideas? Oh, we got those!
Bachelor Party Ideas

Now since some guys are pussy whipped already we will cover ideas from the mundane to slap-me-on-the-ass and call me Susan. Hopefully you have a good idea of what the bride will be able to handle and then of course in typical Bro fashion you will shove right past the line to make it legen.....

The Classy Party

Good for dudes who need to ask permission for their testicles to come out and play for a night....

Let's start by picking an event to center the weekend of fun around. Now some of this will depend on the time of year but we have a bunch of general ideas including: snowboarding, golf, pro or college sporting event (March Madness!), MMA Fight (because boxing sucks), fishing trip, hunting, paintball, outdoor trip (rafting, camping, backpacking), and gambling (casino or poker night).

Ideally you want to pick something your Bro would love to do with his boys. You are the best man so don't screw this up. Then consider who is on the invite list and if they can afford it. If they can't then tone it down because any party is more awesome with all of his friends there.

Now that you have that part figured out you need to have the big dinner. Obviously plan a cool spot near the event. You can even host a beastie BBQ. Just make sure to have cocktails and cigars so guys can relax, share war stories, and offer advice to the poor bastard. Steakhouses and whiskey bars are high on the guy list.

Last but not least, pick the date. Go for a two or three weeks before the big event. Last minute sucks because the bride is all stressed out and things are tight. Instead make sure it is a relaxed time that everyone can get to easily. Then you won't have to explain to the bride why the groom is hung-over. Oh, don't forget to send out invitations and book the event (duh - planning is good, execution is great!).

The Not So Classy Party

Are we going to have a stripper? "A"? Son, you forgot to make that word plural.

Pretty much you can follow most of the rules for the classy party with a few major exceptions. First - the major destination is Las Vegas baby! Of course you want to hit Sin City because it is the ultimate weekend spot. You have clubs, poolside bars, strip joints, legal prostitution, and even some damn fine golf courses (if you aren't too hung over). Oh, and you can watch a good show or gamble as well. Now if you are on the East Coast then of course Vegas is a trek, so you have to hit Atlantic City!

The bride will probably throw a fat fit over this one so make sure to tell her about your early tee times and that you might go watch the Blue Man group before you rent a limo and take charge of the strip. Again the same ideas from above are important regarding budget, inviting people, and when to go. The only main difference is ensuring that you go buck-wild instead of tame-n-lame.

Now if you can't get out of town then take charge with a guy's weekend. First get a suite at a nice hotel for the night with a late checkout. Have everyone meet you there by 5 dressed and ready to roll. Start the night off with an in-room toast or a few shots (no roofies!). Then after the stragglers have rolled in you can all roll out in the limo you rented (pimp!). That way everyone can drink, parking isn't an issue, and it is easy to stick together. From there cruise to that slamming steak house or other awesome place for dinner followed by the whiskey and cigar bar before ending up at the strip club. You should be well fed, drunk, and ready to get those private lap dances until closing. Then the limo takes you back to the hotel room where you can puke and sleep it off.

Final Tips

·       Always take charge. It's your job to make sure the groom is having fun and everyone else stays in line.

·       Bring cameras and record that stuff.

·       Go for fun, crazy, bizarre, and memorable. Sake Bombs while singing karaoke in Chinatown? Let's do it!

·       Always have a place for everyone to crash and handle group transportation so everyone can drink.

·       You can almost always find a stripper that makes house or hotel calls if you don't have a club in town. I recommend ordering two.

·       Use any and all of the advice we have given to create a bachelor party for your Bro. Hopefully he only gets one in his life so do your job and make it awesome.