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Bro Guide to At the Club

You would think by now that Bro's would understand some of the rules at the club. But no! Me and some of the boys plus a bunch of girls hit up a hot spot on Saturday night and I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of dude's who seemed to have no clue as to proper Bro etiquette, how to deal with the ladies, and how to not just look like useless tools.

That got me to thinking....

Maybe I should share these observations here at Manwall so you can read this and avoid being "that guy". You know, the one that everyone is like, "What's up with that guy? He is just scaring the ladies away by doing that."

Rules at the Club

·       Have fun - If you are going out then the number one goal should be having a good time. Too many guys get caught up in just trying to 'hook-up' and chicks can smell that attitude a mile away. If you are having a great time then people respond to that - positively.

·       Dance - It is a club so get your ass on the floor with someone. Don't waste time asking the hottest chicks in the group. In fact, ignore them. Go for the weakest member of the group who never gets attention and ask her to dance. That way you get to show off how well you can shake your hips and get an 'in' with the group. With any luck her friends will wonder why they got bypassed and try and take you away from her.

·       Practice - If you can't dance then practice or take lessons. Seriously, women will relate your ability to dance well with sex because if you can't move those hips well on the floor it is doubtful you can swing them well in bed.

·       Don't play Buffalo Hunter - Standing there staring, thinking you look cool while holding a drink and staring at girls just looks pathetic. No matter how hard you look, she isn't going to swoon for you Bro.

·       Don't Random Grind - Nobody likes the drunk guy weaving through the crowd desperately looking for eye contact and using that as an excuse to start dancing with someone. Desperation stinks Bro, confidence permeates the room. If you want to approach a group, use some manners and just ask if you can join them. Don't force it. If you are good looking like Ryan Reynolds you can get away with that, but then again if that was true women would be flocking to you.

·       Coat Check - Use it. Unless you have a VIP section your jacket isn't safe on a chair, a couch, or the floor. It sucks when a drink gets spilled on your stuff.

·       Drinks - Leave it and lose it. Drinks left on an unattended table are begging to be cleared. But, don't take that drink out on a crowded dance floor. Spilling your cocktail on a girl is never appreciated except in music videos.

Remember guys, this is not a meat market. Yes, tons of ladies are dressed to thrill but if you act like all you want is sex you probably won't get it. Instead just relax, be that cool guy, be confident, and have fun. Women dig that kind of stuff. The less of a f*#k you give, the more f*#ks you get.