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Bro Guide - Sex Positions Women Love

If this was an article about sex positions men love it would be a no brainer; any. Admittedly we all probably have our particular favorite, but for the most part if you poll a group of guys they will all admit they are just happy to be having sex. That is because we can have an orgasm pretty damn easily compared to the ladies.

But ladies are a bit different. Due to a combination of things, angles play a much bigger part in her achieving satisfaction. In some cases there are emotional issues as well (some girls just don't feel sexy with their ankles behind their head...whatever). I took this topic very seriously when my boss assigned it to me. After many hours of tedious research spread over a few nights some conclusions were drawn. Those I shall now share with you here on the wall!

Sex Positions Women Love

Deep Penetration - This is a slight variant on the ole missionary position. Instead of her legs being down you place her ankles up on your shoulders. This causes her lower body to rise up a little allowing you easy access to go to slam town. You can really get deep inside of her and there is less friction on you so typically you can last longer. Get your knees and thighs in close to her hips so you can more easily rock into her. The options are to lean forward in a push-up position or stay upright and place your hands on her ass to hold her in place. The shy girls usually don't want to do this at first...but then can't get enough.

Classic Missionary - Some women just love the feel of a man on top of them. They like to look in our eyes and get a lot of skin-on-skin contact. A few tips: rest one hand under her head allowing you to rest your body weight on that elbow and forearm so you don't crush her, kiss her neck and lips constantly, and use that other hand to grab her other leg to pull her in tighter. You can even pull her leg up a little bit to get a deeper thrust.

Standing Doggie - Instead of on your knees, move her over to the side of the bed (couch, table, whatever) and have her kneel there with her knees close together. You get the benefit of standing which allows you a longer, harder stroke (and no sore knees). Grab her hips to pull her in and you push to get a nice rocking motion going for her. You can easily change the angle up or down by bending your knees or standing up straighter (I recommend adjust angles now and again).

Sitting Cowgirl - A woman usually feels powerful and in control when she is on top. But a lot of times she wants to lean forward to kiss her partner. So give her the best of both worlds by sitting upright in a chair and letting her straddle you. Now you can hold her tight and kiss her while she is in control grinding on top of you. Make sure her feet can reach the ground so she can get more of a bounce going.


Have sex like you are driving a manual transmission. Change gears and speeds depending on the reaction you are getting. Don't just stick it into drive and go. If she is getting dry then she is getting bored. Lots of small kisses and body contact keep things sexy. Also pay attention to her hands; when they are grabbing and pulling you in then that is what she wants!