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Bro Guide - Reading Her Signs

Gauging interest from a chick can be a tad bit difficult sometimes. We have all been there; you think she is giving you a flirty sign for the approach so you dive right in and then get face-palmed right into the nearest wall. Why the hell is that?

Because men and women are different; duh!

If you ever take the time to read through Cosmo or some other silly frilly chick magazine (it is painful but useful) then you will quickly find that women have a whole different idea about flirting and giving signs compared to men. Some things are fairly straightforward but most of it is like a high level game where if you blink then you missed it.

So what is a Bro to do? Read on for a quick tutorial!
Body Language

Typically body language says it all. Sometimes what she does is completely natural and other times responses are planned, but either way you have to learn to take them for face value. Her body can either being sending, "Open for business" signs or, "Stay the hell away from me" signs. Learning to spot the difference will save you some rejection time. While getting rejected isn't really a big deal it can affect your confidence a little bit. The more confident you are the more likely you are to connect with a girl because confidence is king (side note: being cocky just makes you a jack-ass).

Open Signs

·       The Eye Contact - This is a big one where she makes eye contact, then looks away quickly, before peeking back at you. The idea is that she is nervous and had to look away because she likes you. It is pretty reliable.

·       Open Hands - Supposedly when a woman has an open hand (palm) and wrist displayed in close proximity then it is a sign of acceptance. Such as if a woman placed her hand palm up on the table near you like an invitation to place your hand on hers. I have only seen this occur one time so the reliability is a bit shaky.

·       The Smile - Duh if you are looking at her (check to make sure it isn't the dude next to you) and she is giving you a nice smile then it is all systems go. If during the approach she stops smiling and gives you a glare then abort!

·       Body Position - Kind of like in football you need to see if she is squared up with her weight forward. What this means is subconsciously her shoulders will stay square to you if she is interested and she will tend to lean forward a bit to be closer. If she suddenly leans back and/or turns a bit then you might have said/done the wrong thing.

·       Contact - If she breaks the contact barrier first and begins to touch you on the shoulder, arm, hand, leg, etc then take this as a solid sign. Touching is intimate to a woman so you are in like Flynn.

·       Hair Flips - Supposedly this is the universal female sign for letting you know she likes you. She does the sexy hair flip followed by glancing your way and maybe giving you a half smile. I guess it is a girl's go to move?

Closed Signs

·       Eye Rolls - Rolling eyes when you didn't make a good joke means you are screwed. It is a primal indicator to all present that to her, you suck. Walk on Bro, just walk on.

·       Crossed Up - Arms crossed and held high is a natural defensive posture. If you add any sort of body twist away from you and/or leaning back then she is closed for business sir. When she adds the legs to the crossed list you can easily cross off any idea of getting with her.

·       No Smiles - If you are chatting her up and she never smiles at anything you say then it is time to move on. Even if she is interested the chick obviously has no sense of humor so get out while you can.