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Bro Guide - Proper Supplementation

Man cannot live on beer and chicken wings alone; god knows I've tried. Heck sometimes it is hard to live on what most people consider a healthy diet. The world is a rough place and living in it can take a toll on your body over time.

But we live in a much better place than our ancestors because we have access to pharmaceuticals! Scientists have been whipping up a variety of pills and powders to let us get all 6-Million-Dollar-Man like with less effort. Even if you are a young bro, it is probably a good idea to pay attention and learn a few things.

Taking supplements can give you an edge on living and in this crazy world it is best to take any advantage you can get!

Favorite Brotastic Supplements

The Multivitamin - If you are still taking that gummy Flintstones vitamin it is time for an upgrade. You want to take a high quality gel-cap or capsule multi-vitamin. The higher the cost usually means higher quality nutrients inside it. The gel-caps and capsules absorb into your body more easily.

Ginko Biloba - A lot of older dudes need to be taking this but it works for younger guys as well. There is less 'scientific' proof about what it does, but Ginko has been around for centuries. It helps with your memory by beefing up the body's circulation. Because of that it helps with a lot of brain stuff (better circulation) as well as assisting in blood flow to the really important areas from the waist down.

L-Arginine - This is a great one for people who workout or like to be all athletic and stuff. It helps beef up your immunity system and provides proteins your body needs.

Ginseng - Another oriental express pill! Those guys have their mojo working and use ginseng for everything from stress release, lowering blood pressure, beefing up the immune system, and adding energy. It supposedly helps with your other mojo as well. Nice!

Vitamin-C - Getting scurvy sucks. Yeah it probably won't happen to you but most dudes don't get enough of the big C. It is actually great for speeding up your body's ability to heal and repair. No, you won't be Wolverine, but you will be better than normal.

Protein Shakes - Great after workouts or just in a pinch when you are too lazy to cook anything (who hasn't been there). You get serious building blocks your body needs.

Pill Popping Fun!

These five pills won't set you back a ton of money and aren't really hard to incorporate into life. You can take a multivitamin at breakfast and the other 4 at lunch. The affects are subtle but still very noticeable across the board in your ability to perform better, have more energy, and get sick less. Protein shakes are just awesome because most of us are lazy and shakes are simple and fast.

There are tons of other supplements you can take for added performance at the gym or in sports, but these are some basic stuff that the everyday bro should be taking. Why not take something so simple that gives you an advantage in life?