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Bro Guide - Post Breakup

Okay so you had a relationship and it ended. You have followed the normal steps (and read our Bro Guide to Breakups) of grieving like lying around the house and watching sappy romantic comedies and wishing she would take you back. More than likely you got good and drunk at least once. The weeks have passed and the time for being sad is done. So WTF do you do now?

Part of this depends on what kind of relationship you had as well as how you left your friends. For guys who were married it can suck if most of your friends are married. Other guys just lost track of friends during the relationship because that happens when you focus on a woman. Now that you are single again and have more time (and probably money) it is time to get some stuff done. Want a game plan? Well we have one here for you!

·       Don't Date - That's right, this is the worst time to go start another relationship. You are getting better but still more than likely to settle for the wrong thing just to get an emotional bond back. Casual sex and making out are cool, but otherwise just skip the whole dating thing for a bit. You can still get out - just don't be mate hunting.

·       Watch Yes Man - This classic comedy helps you tap into how cool it is to have fun and try new things. After a break-up is a great time to get out and live life. Also watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It is funny and a great option for coping or forgetting the girl.

·       Reconnect with Your Bro's - If you lost touch with some of your guy friends go buy them a beer and re-connect. Friends are a big part of life so make sure you show them some love and get some sympathy.

·       Exercise - This is always a great idea. Join a sports league, hit the gym, start jogging, or whatever. You can always be in better shape and the next girl (or your previous) will like it! It gives you something to focus on and do as well as it's fun.

·       Make Some Goals - Figure out what you want to do in your life. If your career path needs work, there is a bucket list that needs to be made, or you have always wanted to write a big novel then figure out how to get there from here.

After getting past a break-up some of us just want to get back into another relationship. But this is prime time to make you better. Instead of just looking for the comfortable state you had before, take the time to push yourself to be better. Heck maybe you can work on some of the things that sucked in your previous relationship as well so the next one will be even better.

Bro Tip #1732 - Don't be the person trying to pull others down to his level. Be the one who catches up and passes them.