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Bro Guide - Making the Best Burgers


Don't worry; Manwall didn't go all Rachel Ray on you (even though she is kinda hot). But we always feel that certain things need to be shared, such as the way to make a kick ass burger! With spring in full effect and the smell of charcoal in the air now is the best time to brush up on your burger making skills.

After all, every guy deep down wants to be known as the King of the Grill.


It is all about using the right ingredients, having the right equipment, and using proper technique. Heck, making a great burger is really like doing any other DIY project around the house when you think about it. So as with any good project we have some step by step instructions. But unlike most DIY projects, make sure to read all of the damn steps and follow them; unless of course you prefer subpar burgers.

Step 1 - Put the ground beef in a bowl and lightly break it apart. Liberally add your seasoning and salt. This is not the time to lightly sprinkle as you want some flavor to that meat. You can also add a little BBQ sauce or A-1 for a slight flavor kick.

Step 2 - Form the patties. This is quick and simple because you don't want to over handle the meat. Use lightly cupped hands to form patties and as soon as they hold their shape set them down. Use your thumb to make a slight divot on one side of the burger in the middle. This will prevent the burgers from swelling up in the middle during cooking.

Step 3 - Get that grill up to temperature! You want the food to hit the grill at cooking temperature to make it easier to cook the meat evenly and properly. Now use your brush and clean the grill while it is hot (because duh it is easier).

Step 4 - Grab some tongs, paper towels, vegetable oil, and a bowl. Pour a little oil in the bowl and dip the paper towels in to soak up the juice. Then use the tongs to hold the wad of towels and rub them on the grill for a nice coat of oil to prevent sticking. Look for a glossy black color and then you are ready!

Step 5 - Cook! For proper cooking you will only turn the burger once. Start with the divot side up and cook according to your preference for rareness. Then at the halfway point flip the burgers. Do not press the burgers down. That will squeeze the juice out and make them dry plus cause a quick flare from the grill.

Step 6 - Cooking Guide: Medium Rare at 130 degrees for 2-3 minutes per side. Medium at 140 degrees for 3-4 minutes per side. Medium Well at 150 degrees for 4-5 minutes per side. Well Done at 160 degrees for 5 minutes per side and burn the bastard!

Step 7 - Serve it up! Goes best with fresh lightly grilled buns, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, potato salad, and beer.

There you go. A simple 7 step process that will give you some really good burgers! Remember that the quality of the meat, buns, and burger fixings will go a long way to make the 'perfect burger' but if you never learn how to cook a good one then it all goes to waste.