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Bro Guide - Friday the 13th Movies

Who doesn't love a good slasher movie? You get some solid B-level actresses with big old titties in super tight shirts, dumb idiots who think taking a shower in an abandoned camp ground at midnight is a good idea, and scary moments that keep your girlfriend in your lap most of the night.

Good times!

So in honor of today being Friday the 13th we are listing our favorite horror movies!

Brotastic Horror Films

·       Friday the 13th - You have to go with the original movie because it was the best. Everything after that was rather weak at best and sometimes downright stupid.

·       Scream - The original one was actually very good with a pretty good twist on the plot. They had quite a few 'scare' moments that made people jump. Plus it has a decent cast of known actors and actresses.

·       The Blair Witch Project - People either hated this movie or had the crap scared out of them. My girlfriend was freaked out all night after watching this. Thank god I had a way to take her mind off things.

·       Nightmare on Elm Street - Before the 45 sequels, this first offering was downright creepy back in the early 80's. With the claws and sinister voice this guy was pretty damn scary.

·       The Thing - This one blurs the edge on horror and sci-fi but does it so well. This is one of John Carpenter's best movies ever. Plus you get Kurt Russell at his best.

·       The Ring - This creepy film makes girls scream like nothing else. It was shocking in Japan and more shocking in the US that is very tense and thrilling.

·       Halloween - The classics are the best because of the tension that directors created. The master, John Carpenter, made this horror movie that set the tone for the genre.

·       Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The original was brutal by that day's standards. Today it is a bit tame. But you can always watch the most recent remake. It does have Jessica Biel and she is always worth watching!

·       The Shining - Classic Jack doesn't get much better! It has a lot of great lines and a great eerie tone. It is by far one of Stephen King's most popular books and his most popular film.

·       Silence of the Lambs - One of the best movies of all time with a great group of actors, tension, and just downright creepiness oozing from some scenes. You will hold your breath at the end when she is in the dark trying to catch the killer.

·       The Exorcist - Still the best movie of all time for nailing all aspects of scary. The music alone causes some people to get shivers.