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Bro Guide - Body Language that Leads to Sex

Is she trying to tell you something Bro? Probably, but those damn women use more signs that a 3rd base coach sometimes! Did she just tell you stop at second or take third and try and score?

Confused? Yeah most of us are. That is why we grabbed a few experts to break it down for us and provide the 411 on what she means with that hair flip and lip pout. Some people are just students of human movement and that gives them a big advantage in understanding what people mean based on what they allow their bodies to say.

Body Language that Leads to Sex

1. Eye Contact - This is a big fat important numero uno biggest thing. Women find good eye contact confident. Confident men score more easily. If she is looking right back at you and giving you solid eye contact then she is interested in what you have going on. Then when things are going well, you will get 'the look'. Usually it is a sort of sly, under the eyelashes gaze with a slight smirk on the mouth. That look just screams, "Awwwww yeah I want some of that."

2. The Hands - A woman who is getting in the mood and feeling sexy will be using her hands like directional signals. Unless she is drunk or really outgoing the signs are a bit subtle (i.e. the grabbing her own tits and making pouty faces at you is really obvious). Things like her hand slowly pushing her hair back as she stretches and arches her body, a hand sliding along her thigh, fingers running slowly back and forth on her lips all why she is NOT looking at you. Those things scream look at my body.

3. Proximity - When she wants to close the deal she closes the space between you. Leaning forward, leaning into you, inching closer, and generally being in your space for long moments is begging you to make a move. She is putting herself there for a reason. If you aren't sure just stick it in neutral and keep doing what you are doing. When she moves closer and you start to get some body contact then you will know she is primed and ready.

4. The Touch - Women get turned off by random guys touching them. They feel that physical contact crosses a particular line. So when a woman puts her hands on you then you are in like Flynn. A hand on your arm, thigh, playing with your hair, or anything like that should be considered a solid green light. It's not like accidently placed her hand a foot away from your Johnson and left it there.

The Bottom Line

The hair flips, pouty lips, and rubbing ice cubes on the nipples are all nice moves that women make in movies. But for the most part girls are a little more subtle with their body language. If she is staring at you across the room, licking her lips, and panting then those are all great signs (that you are watching a porno). Since most of us are just normal guys we have to look for more normal signs because we don't have women throwing themselves at us like we are a pair of shoes at a 90% off sale.