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Bro Guide: Beach Essentials

Some guys, like Ted, are always invited to go to the beach with me. Why? Is it because Ted is a super awesome guy that attracts bikini clad babes like he is David Beckham? Sadly, no. Not to say that Ted isn't a good guy, because he is, but Becks he ain't.

No, Ted gets the invite because that Bro is always properly equipped to party at the beach. Somewhere along the line in life he was taught the rules of what every guy needs at the beach. Since Ted is like a frigging beach Boy Scout, he helps make up for some of the other Bro's lack of preparedness.

So I sat Ted down and had him write out a list of what he brings to the party for everyone on the wall to learn from.

Ted's Beach Essentials

1.     Beach Blanket - The all purpose beach/picnic blanket is a requirement. In the summer you can grab one from just about anywhere for about $20. The best kinds are two sided with a soft side and vinyl side (easy to wipe down) that zip up to a small 1x1 square with a handle. This bad-boy goes anywhere for any kind of occasion and deserves a permanent spot in your trunk.

2.     The Cooler - It can't be too big because you need to be able to solo carry that beast when it is loaded with beer and ice. You also don't want a super expensive one because more than likely it will get thrashed. Aim for something around 1.5x1.5x2.5 and just a little bit bigger. That gives you enough room for some food and a 12-pack with ice and also is big enough to sit on like an extra chair.

3.     The Camp Chair - A good camp chair goes anywhere easily. This is another $20-$30 item that compacts tight to easily get slung over your shoulder. Besides the beach, you can use them for fishing, camping, and tailgating. To be a true boss get the one with leg rests and a shade cover in case you get drunk and want to pass out.

4.     Sunscreen - Coppertone SPF30 Spray On sunscreen. Yeah lotion is cool to rub on chicks. You get that chance for skin on skin action plus you can showcase your massage skills. Hopefully she brought a bottle. But for yourself, you just want to spray a quick layer on and go have fun. Plus it is less likely you will miss hard to reach spots. Grab a small tube for the face because spraying yourself in the eyes with sunscreen is a clown move bro.

5.     Towels - Always bring a couple of towels to dry off with. Worst case they sit in the trunk unused. Best case you are a gentleman who can help dry her off.

6.     Radio - Gotta have tunes. A nice cheap $30 mini-boom box covers what you need. Ideally you have an iPod connect and a CD option. But at the same time it should be cheap enough that leaving it behind or having it getting blasted by an errant football is not a big concern.

7.     Balls - Uh yeah, duh. Always bring balls to the beach like a football, soccer ball, and volleyball. Frisbees are optional bro.

8.     Food/Drinks - You need ice, beer, water, chips, and sandwiches. You can grab all of that stuff easily at a store and roll straight out. Fruit is cool too but kinda messy. Don't forget a role of paper towels for cleaning up.