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Breaking the Drought

There comes a time in every single man’s life when there is a drought with girls. Believe it or not a lot more men experience this than you think. Usually when a guy hasn’t hooked-up with a girl for a couple weeks - they start to think they’re losing their mojo.


Sometimes it’s out of a guy’s control but for the most part the opportunity is always there. If you think about it, there are several factors when it comes to meeting and eventually scoring with a chick. Like, when and where are you looking? Do you have a good wingman or are you flying solo? Can you approach her with the right amount of confidence (or swagger)? And, can you end the night with something to brag about the next morning to your bro’s?


These are all good questions to ask yourself but one thing that you don’t want to do is over think anything. With the right attitude breaking the drought can be as easy as playing poker, with no bluffing.

1. Pick YOUR scene.

When a guy is in a drought it’s hard to pick the right place to go. This is natural because a guy always wants to go where he thinks the hottest girls will be. In this case, you don’t want to think with your penis, in fact think the exact opposite. Don’t go to a bar or club with the mind-set that you have to find a girl to bring home. Pick a place that you and your friends feel comfortable going to.

2. Have a good wingman.

Shy guys no need apply. Remember you’re trying to break your drought so if your usual wingman doesn’t have that much game it’s time to get another one. Girls like to laugh and have fun, that is why they’re out, right? Make sure to tell your wingman which girl you’re going for to avoid confusion.

3. Don’t be creepy/desperate.

Girls hate stupid pickup lines (at least the one’s I used to use). Approach a girl with confidence and introduce yourself by simply saying, “Hi, I’m…” followed by easy conversation. If things work out don’t make it seem like you’re that interested in her. Even though you made the approach, a little hard-to-get is always good. Cut the conversation short; make up something funny like, “I totally forgot I’m in the dancing contest” or anything that will make her laugh. This ends things on a good note - also leaving her wanting more. Always offer to “Save a dance for me later” or “Let’s do a shot in a little while” before leaving.

4. Let loose.

As mentioned in step one, you’re at a place where you and your friends feel comfortable. That being said, it’s time to have a good time. Girls are attracted to guys who like to have fun so drink up, tell jokes, dance, start a conga line, whatever. Don’t go overboard to the point where you get too drunk or come off obnoxious. If a girl sees a good time she will want join the fun.

5. Man Up.

Know when to make a move. Don’t go up to any girl and start making out with them. If a chick is interested in you she will let you know with body language. This is easy to spot (flirting, starring, fixing her hair, touching) so go with your instincts, if it feels right, man up and kiss her. Never ask a girl if it’s okay to kiss her. Girls like being “swept off their feet” so just go for it. What’s the worst that can happen? You are in a drought.

6. Seal the deal.

If your still making out with a girl by the time last call is announced your odds are good. Like number five, man up. Ask if she would like to come over to hang out.


If she gives you a weird look… Say something funny or witty, “I promise I don’t bite” or “I need a body guard to protect me on my way home.”


If you don’t have a place or your place is also where your parents live… Offer to take a cab with her so you can make sure she gets home safely. When you get to her house pay the cab and say thanks. She already knew what was up after you got in the cab with her.


If she doesn’t have a place... Offer to walk her home. Who knows where you might end up having sex but this could make for a great story. Just don’t get caught by the cops (maybe a better story) you don’t want to get arrested.

7. If she says no…

It’s late and it’s last call, so make it count. Order as many shots as you can and start drinking. This is when bro’s lower their standards in order to break their drought. There are two words of advice for this one. Good luck.