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Birthday Gifts For Her


"Happy Birthday Honey! Look, I got you (insert kitchen appliance here) that you said you've been wanting!" Nice job champ; now enjoy your night of getting no sex and wondering why women don't appreciate getting things they say they want.

Has this ever happened to you? More than likely it has or to someone you know. Really it is an easy trap to fall into. You could swear she had been complaining that the dishwasher sucked and she would love a new one. So being the boss partner you are it was off to the appliance store where you just dropped $500 on that brand new stainless steel model you saw her drool over last time you were in Best Buy. Yet...she is definitely not happy.

Giving Women what they Want

The biggest thing behind scoring good birthday gifts for your girlfriend or wife is in understanding what they really want. Most women (yeah, this is a generalization) want a gift that makes them feel special, shows how much you love them, and that they can show off to other women. As sweet as that matching washer and dryer is, it doesn't scream. "I LOVE YOU!" Instead it says, "I appreciate you."

Appreciation is great for a random gift or maybe as part of the Christmas haul, but never for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or birthdays. Yes, for men this can be hard to understand because I think most of us would be equally stoked to get that new Craftsman 48 piece wrench set as we would getting a nice watch. But we look at gifts differently.

So now that we have the basic idea down let's look at good ideas.

Good Birthday Gifts

Jewelry - This is dependent on the woman. Some women just don't wear a lot of bling so this one should be done on special dates like 30, 40, etc. For those who love jewelry then anytime works. Try and learn her favorite styles, ask girlfriends for things she might have been looking at but doesn't want to buy for herself, and remember that diamonds are a girl's best friend.

The Spa Treatment - This is almost always a sure fire great gift. You are giving her time to relax and unwind. If you are going this route then make sure not to skimp on the cost. Find a highly rated Spa and then get a nice gift card so she can pick what she will be doing (mud bath, massage, etc). If you really want to be the boss get two cards so she can take a friend. That gives her a chance for some 'girl time' and makes you look like the sweetest guy for being so damn considerate.

The Nail Salon - Mani's and Pedi's for the girls! This is a lot like the Spa Treatment except you are a bit more limited to getting nails done; great if you have less money but still nice to do for her and a girl-pal.

The Classic - Roses during the day and a special dinner at night. If you are going this route then go all out. Make reservations at a nice restaurant (her favorite or a top rated place she hasn't been too). If you have kids then you take care of the baby sitter and all other arrangements. Dress up nicely and treat her like it is your 2nd or 3rd date. After desert surprise her by driving to a remote spot for some making out while listening to some slow jams.

A Picnic - This can be done in addition to other things or by itself. Sometimes women really appreciate gestures and well spent time more than possessions; so for this you plan a picnic. Tell her what time to be ready and how to dress but don't tell her what you are doing. Pack a picnic (or sometimes you can find stores that sell a picnic ready basket). You want finger foods and some wine or champagne. Make sure the blankets and basket are hidden in the car. Then take for a drive to your romantic pre-selected picnic location and just give her time and attention.

Chocolate - Always a favorite and an excellent pairing for roses! For the ladies that love chocolate take the time to put together a selection of her favorite types. Skip the big brand stores and find a local specialty shop so it shows that you put some thought into it.

Personalized Wine - Some wine makers are cool enough to produce wine with a specialty label on it. Find something in her favorite type and get a few bottles. It is cute and is also a conversation item for parties when she can serve up her wine.

A Weekend Getaway - Plan something special for the two of you that she would love. It can be a night in a nice hotel with tickets to the theatre, a wine tour, a bed-and-breakfast, or something else you think she would love. It is the experience that matters.

Purses and Perfumes - These can be tricky to get right but both items are usually adored by women. I recommend asking her BFF for help.

There you have it, our list of good birthday gifts for your girlfriend or wife. Follow this plan to ensure she is happy which typically leads to you being happy.