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Best Video Games for Guys


That is almost an oxymoron of a title as most video games are designed for guys. The exceptions are the kid geared games that we never really play anyway (unless forced to by our kids). Video games have a long history around Manwall. Many of us grew up on Nintendo and still really enjoy taking it to our Bro's on the field of battle, whether it be with a gun or ball. We decided to comprise a list of our favorites over the past year of things that should be in your library for some good times if you are flying solo or linked up with a few friends. Enjoy!


1.     Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - It does not get any better than this in the video game world. Made for the PS3, this game takes full advantage of the consoles abilities with incredible action and control along with a very solid Indiana Jones styled story. It is like playing the lead role in an Oscar winning movie; the game is that damn good.

2.     Gears of War 3 - Generally considered one of the top 3rd person tactical shooters, GOW 3 is the conclusion to the series that might even make you shed a tear or two. You can ride solo on this awesome combat simulator, but the multiplayer content is the way to go with some friends online.

3.     Madden NFL 12 - The game is a must for guys to have in their library. Along with the standards we have come to expect, the realism of the league with players, stadiums, and franchise play keeps getting better. This is a great game to play with the boys over some beers.

4.     Batman: Arkham City - Badass superhero, bad guys galore, and a mystery to solve equals some good beat-down and brawl action on this seriously fun first person fighter styled game. Not quite as awesome as the first Batman game, it is still a great ride and a wonderful way to release steam.

5.     Mass Effect 2 - Available for PS3 or X-box this is a serious shooter from BioWare. Overall it is an epic action type of role-playing game with incredible scenes. Commander Sheppard leads the charge against the Reapers and you can play the game different ways.

6.     NBA 2k12 - This is probably the best sports game on the market. Even if you aren't a huge basketball fan this is still a must own title. Besides incredible graphics and game play, you get bust out ALL the best players like Jordan, Bird, Magic, and Shaq. It is a masterpiece on so many levels.

7.     Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - This is one of the most visually incredible first-person shooters on the market. It is awesome as a single player game and addictive as a multiplayer. Plus they take the time to make some of the best commercials ever seen.

8.     WWE 12 - Wrestling is still fun even though we all know MMA is the real deal. But there is something that takes you back to being a kid and having fun that WWE 12 still captures. That and it has really great game play and the option to play icons from the past to the present complete with awesome intro music.

9.     MLB 11: The Show - Sometimes you just want some baseball. It's a guy thing. The Show is the best on the market for giving you what you need, capturing some of that old magic that made baseball America's pastime. The controls are tight and each player's ability is fully reflected in how fast they react in a situation. Realistic? Hell yeah!

10. Golden Eye 007: Reloaded - I loved the original Golden Eye. Let's face it, James Bond is always a classic. This game isn't as much of a reload as a whole new story. It is a classic shooter but with much better graphics and play along with a super awesome multiplayer aspect that includes paintball and team games.