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Best TV Shows for this Summer

While regular TV shows have already wound down for the year that doesn't mean all is lost for the summer. Plenty of interesting titles are begging to find 'record' status with your DVR. Not sure what to watch? Well we at Manwall have our recommendations about stuff that looks like it will score high on the Dude Scale.

These are the Top 10 Shows to look forward to this Summer!

1.     Workaholics - This show about 3 complete idiots trying to get by in the world premiers May 29th. Extremely low-brow and sophomoric, sometimes that is exactly what you need after a brutal night or long day at the office.

2.     Franklin & Bash - June 5th marks the return of the wild escapades of these bachelor lawyers who just want to get hot girls into the hot tub. Seriously this show is interesting and funny. Heck, my girl even likes watching this one which makes it a win-win!

3.     Royal Pains -I don't know why but I keep coming back to this quirky show about being a weird concierge doctor. It probably has to do with the constant parade of hot women in skimpy clothes. Plus it is sometimes funny with a decent plot. Premiers June 6th.

4.     Burn Notice - Hell yeah our favorite spy and his super hot girlfriend are back on June 14th. With chicks in bikinis, a cool dialogue, and plenty of action this is a great summer filler!

5.     Suits - Another interesting show involving a high powered bad-ass attorney and his genius yet criminal understudy will be back on June 14th as well. With one season under the belt, season 2 should just get better (as they usually do).

6.     Anger Management - June 28th marks the return of Charlie Sheen. No need to say more...

7.     Louie - Louie C.K. is a hilarious comic and his TV show is freaking brutal. You think you have had a bad day? Watch Louie on June 28th and see how good you have it compared to his sad-sack existence.

8.     Brand X - Russell Brand will bring his late night show to FX starting June 28th. It should be hilarious if he is half as good as he was on his UK shows.

9.     White Collar - Crime, the FBI, and cool scams combine beautifully one this show. Neal is on the run and might have millions waiting for him. See what happens next on July 10th.

10. Breaking Bad - This should be the last season and you know things are going out with a bang starting July 15th. One of the best shows on TV the past few years.