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Top 20 Guy Sites To Waste Your Time On

It seems like the internet is becoming more and more pussified every week but that shouldn't stop you from MANning out to the max. Forget the cute kitten videos, Facebook poking, and Twitter trends - here are the top 20 sites to guy-out to all week! Guyism: A guy blog that brings together the best videos, interviews, and tech, game, and entertainment news on the web. There are plenty of fun videos and lists to check out but if you are really having a tough week, the site has nearly 1,800 pages of posts!

The quintessential magazine and website for the guy that also likely has a job and possibly an expense account. GQ leans a little to the too-hip-for-the-room but plenty of guys have gone plenty far with the "GQ Look."

I'm told Maxim features other things but I've never made it past the part with all the hot chicks. At the same time, what more do you need? Wall-to-wall hot chicks with plenty of stuff that doesn't make it into the magazine.

This site is broken down into "channels" and the channels are broken down into blogs. Stay on top of the latest in sports, tech, entertainment, gaming, and fitness - or just check out their model galleries.

Just a Guy Thing:
Not the same extensive amount of content as the others but they do have a lot more practical articles that can up your dating, fitness, gadget, or grilling game. You know, in case you need a short break from looking at hot chicks (they have those too.)

The Smoking Jacket:
Playboy's own guy blog features exactly what you'd expect - sexy girls, sports, and entertainment. The topics on the site are a little schizo but you get the drift.

Bro Bible:
This is another site that brings together everything "bro." Chicks? Check. Videos? Check. More chicks? Check.

This blog brings together the best of the web - from the best videos and funny photos to simply putting up rundowns of the best that other blogs have to offer. With nearly 1,100 pages of posts, Holytaco should keep you occupied for months.

Lots of hot chicks but also plenty of great articles and lists to make you a "Made Man." Check out their coverage on gear, entertainment, health, grooming, money, and rides - and of course, the Chickipedia.

The Art of Manliness:
One of the best guy resources out there. You want to be a man? You listen to what they have to tell you. Not that "How to please your woman" crap. Practical things like how to have a good grip, speaking like a man, and a very useful mustache style guide.

Men's Fitness:
This site may not make you look like the guys on the cover of their magazines but it is packed with tons of useful info on working out, healthy habits (for when you need to take a few days off of heavy drinking), and eating better (than your usual diet of beef jerky and Doritos).

COED Magazine:
COED brings together the glory of copious amounts of hot chicks with the joy of a slideshow. There are plenty of fun galleries like Worst Tattoo Fails and The One Positive Thing About The Philadelphia Eagles (even that's overly generous).

Sports Illustrated:
Come on, you know what Sports Illustrated is, you pick it up for the great articles in the swimsuit issue. All the sports, all the time.

Their slogan is "Sports News Without Access, Favor, or Discretion." That's just what they do. Deadspin is a great alternative to the boring and stuffy sports outlets and has really good coverage of every sport.

Forget YouTube, Break features the funniest videos that you can't find anywhere else. In particular, it mostly has stupid people doing stupid things and has over 1,200 pages of video posts to burn through.

Men's Health:
Similar to Men's Fitness but it is more than just a workout mag. Learn the best ab exercises, NFL betting systems, how to build the perfect sandwich, and why Joe Paterno is a massive tool - all in one place!

The gentleman's magazine has really lightened up in the last few years and no longer focuses so much on trying to get you to look like a Wall Street broker. The magazine has a great take on the latest entertainment, sports, food, and style fodder - check it out.

Cracked is one of the funniest websites on the web - featuring the funniest lists, infographics, and videos on the web. If you are not familiar with the 5 acceptable reasons to go bowling, you need to hop over and educate yourself.

This has really become the mecca of all guy sites on the web - featuring massive amounts of helpful advice, weekly columns, and of course - the (very debatable) 99 Hottest Women list.

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