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Top 10 Hot Ladies of 2011

With a loud yell my boss subtly attracted my attention across the room. "Yes boss?" I inquired. "What year is it?!" he demanded. "2012 sir," I smartly replied. That's right, I knew the year on the spot. Score one for the valuable employee!

"If it is already 2012, then why the hell did we never print a Hot Ladies of 2011 article smart guy?" he shot back. Penalty; the goal was waived off due to a shot clock violation. So here we are. It is halfway through January of 2012 which is an absolutely perfect time to look back at those hot ladies of 2011. We have a little post New Year's perspective to properly judge these lovely ladies.

They do say you can't look forward until you first look back! That probably means I can't look forward to my paycheck until I look back at 2011 and some hot ladies. So off we go!

Manwall's Top 10 Hot Ladies of 2011
  1. Marissa Miller - SI Swimsuit model and Victoria's Secret model. From there she went to rep for the NFL and Captain Morgan. I think I am in love.

  2. Mila Kunis - We are way past that 70's Show and now she is the cool starlet in a ton of our favorite movies. She has something like a girl-next door quality with a little bitchiness thrown in that is damn attractive.

  3. Sofia Vergara - Hot hot hot with luscious cleavage and that accent. I watch Modern Family with the sound off just to focus more on her.

  4. Candice Swanepoel - Victoria's Secret model. If you need to know more just peek at her Vman magazine pictorial. She is one of the most popular of the hot ladies in the office.

  5. Natalie Portman - I don't care that when I first saw her she was just a little kid playing as an assassin. She is all grown up and damn, I like how she grew. Along with some awesome movies to her credit, Natalie has a killer smile and such a genuine personality your mom would be thrilled if you brought her home.

  6. Anne Hathaway - The girl has really grown into one fine woman. She is smoking hot, funny, and personable with those big, beautiful eyes.

  7. Bar Refaeli - This hottie is the 2009 SI Swimsuit cover model and has done a lot of other work (including being the arm candy for Leo DiCaprio).

  8. January Jones - Either in Mad Men, as an X-Man, or in any of her other roles, January has been our favorite month of the year. She is a smoking hot blonde who makes it hard to focus on the plot when she is in a scene - you know, like when you climb the rope in gym class.

  9. Scarlett Johansson - One word for ScarJo is sexy. She has a great shape, cool smile, and that sultry look that drives all the men wild. This is the boss's favorite of all the hot ladies.

  10. Kaley Cuoco - Cute, blonde, and the number one spank image for nerds everywhere. Kaley's big claim to fame is being 'the girl' on Big Bang Theory who is lusted after by the nerds. She has done a lot of other TV and I hope she does more project in the future (preferably with clothing optional)


Honestly if you put me in a room with all ten of these hot ladies I would be happy with anyone of them. Of course my rankings are based on a perfectly tuned "shwing" scale which means you list might "shwing" a different direction. Post a comment and state your case! We at Manwall want to hear what you have to say.