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Top 10 Best Free Porn Sites rated by Manwall for the Bro Guide

Sometimes working for Manwall is incredibly tough. The boss told us we needed to take the time and do a big research project. Our readers deserved to know what are the Top 10 best free porn sites. This was serious business. No slow load times. Forget the ones that bounce you to six other sites before you get a video. We want some quality porn that streams well for our entertainment!

It was a long, hard process. After countless hours, a case of tissue, and numerous very awkward moments we finally tallied the results. The final pole showed us exactly which are the Top 10 Best Free Porn Sites, as rated by your fellows at Manwall. Gentlemen, click and enjoy!


Top 10 Best Free Porn Sites

1. - It is hard to argue with this choice. Videos are constantly updated. Most videos have had tons of views lending more credence to the ratings being accurate. They have previews, sorting options, searches, and categories. Load times are usually good except at peak hours due to traffic being very high.

2. - We were not so crazy about the blue background. They do have video previews and over 1.25 million videos in the library! There is a nice menu bar on the left with category selections. The very fast load times and excellent rating system were a huge plus. Plus whatever starlet you are watching has related videos with her in it listed below.

3. - Instant pop up mini window to entice you on the main screen was mildly annoying because it has sound. But they have tons of videos with previews. Good video screen size and fast load speeds kept our 'interests' piqued. They have a good search feature but no category selections. Overall we felt the ratings are a bit off with some movies being the highest rated with 4.9 stars on only 14 ratings and 20k views.

4. - A classic tube site with all the bells and whistles. They have fewer ads on the main screen allowing you to preview more movies at once plus we love the black background. You can search through categories or use the search function. Video previews, a good sized movie screen, and fast load times make this a great choice.

5. - Part of the PornHub network, Tube8 has some quality content. You can search through categories or by standard methods including the search option. On the main screen you have the rating which includes number of votes and views as well as run time so you really know what you are getting into. Plus you have video previews. Video load times are sometime very fast but at peak hours can go through the annoying pause and wait. Screen size is a little narrow and picture quality is not always the best.

6. - We love the name and the site is pretty darn good. They have plenty of videos and updates along with a side bar menu of categories which we love. The dark background makes the videos stand out. There are those annoying pop up mini windows on screen but they are a minor annoyance. The movies do have a preview but you only get a basic rating and time caption. So you have no idea how many people have watched the movie to give those reviews. Average sized viewing window and okay quality but decent load times. They have a good variety of titles.

7. - This site has some nice video options. There are plenty of categories and easy search options. The rating system isn't that good so it can be a little hit or miss. Also some videos have 'commercial previews'. Of course the preview is usually a very hot woman dancing around so it is nothing we didn't mind seeing. An excellent sized screen, good clarity, and fast load times left us very happy. Like XNXX they have that blue background and also have related movies based on the starlet.

8. - They have a nice home menu with plenty of search options and previews of movies. But you don't always know what you will get on a movie click. Some will have a nice movie screen and great quality to go with a fast load times and others might be so-so. One movie was on a huge screen for us and loaded super fast. Movies with sponsor tags open a new window to that site with the video which are usually much smaller and shorter length. They have a great alphabetically search option.

9. - A classic with a simple name to remember. They have more natural movies with less straight porn movie clips inserted on the main page. This tube site has a rather weak rating system but a lot of nice long movies that you can preview. Searching is fairly easy and includes over 16,000 porn stars and models. You can select a star and then go straight to her video library. There are hardly any ads and movies load quickly.

10. - They have a good selection of movies and categories. The simple black background and side menu for channels makes surfing a breeze.  They do not have the best rating system or people just don't rate movies often here. The load times are decent but the movie size is a little smaller than at other sites.


You honestly can't go wrong with any of our choices for the Top 10 free porn sites. The top 5 are fairly interchangeable and if you are like us, the variety is appealing. If you have any sites that you feel should make the next list, just tell us in the comments. We definitely don't shy away from doing the necessary research when needed!