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Bro Guide to Caring for your Junk

Yup, you read that title correctly...this is actually an article devoted to caring for your junk. Why does this need to be talked about? Honestly because the education system sucks in this country and important programs like sexual education and health not only get tossed aside but even if they are taught they tend to avoid discussing the really important matters.

Like a man and his penis.

There are just a lot of important things that a guy needs to understand about his most important member and it is high time that we discussed it here on the wall. Sadly, most people don't look into stuff like this until there is a problem. Rather than get stuck in one of those, "Oh my god!!!! Not my dick!!!" moments let's talk about some important stuff that can be considered preventative and helpful to the longevity and happiness of you and your penis.

After all, it's not like a kidney where you start off with two of only have one.

Things you should know about your junk

·       Here is a sad fact, after age 25 the level of sensitivity in the penis starts to decline with a serious downturn between ages 65 and 75. See, apparently all of that vigorous whacking off can cause some issues.

·       You need to have regular erections to keep your penis in shape. Hah! You see that mom? I was just exercising my penis all those times! But seriously regular masturbation is a good and healthy thing if you aren't having regular intercourse. This will help with the tone of the smooth muscle of the penis.

·       Smoking is a known cause of impotence. Even worse, there have been a few studies that have shown that smoking affects erection size. Apparently it can lead to damaged blood vessels and make penile tissue less elastic. Think about that next time you light one up.

·       You can literally "break" your penis by slamming it into a hard object. What is the number one culprit? Her pelvic bone when she is riding you like a hobby horse from the top. More than a third of impotent men have a history of penile trauma; don't join that club.

·       An enlarged prostate can cause premature ejaculation and erectile issues. Something to consider if you start developing problems.

·       Low testosterone can be causing issues with erections. After you pass thirty your body produces less and less testosterone. While some guys are lucky, other guys face a massive drop off. A doctor can prescribe Androgel. Working out and eating right helps as well.

·       STD's are no joke. While a few things can be taken care of with a prescription, other diseases last your whole lifetime. Be careful out there, avoid girls with open sores and wear a raincoat when shagging random women. Also take some time to learn about STD's.

Caring for your junk

Here are regular things every guy should do to take care of his "little" guy:

·       Wash gently with soap and water every day in the shower. Note the word "gently". Guys, you simply can't scrub off skank and STD's so settle for warm water and light soaping which will help with dirt and bacteria.

·       Keep yourself groomed. You can shave, trim, or wax, but keep it clean for a few reasons. To start it reduces moisture. Secondly, it makes you look bigger. Finally it allows you to actually see your skin which is important in early detection of anything like a rash or other things.

·       Use a post-shower lotion. Personally I like baby oil with vitamin E and aloe. Coconut oil also works. Dry skin on your junk happens. Most guys masturbate a lot and have been known to dry hand it or even blast off in a sock...not the softest options. Even sex can cause enough friction to dry out the skin on your penis which can create rough spots. Now here is the kicker...smoother, softer skin makes your more sensitive which leads to more pleasurable sex. Hell yeah! So after drying off apply some lotion and keep him smooth and baby soft.

·       Wear soft, loose underwear. Your junk needs to breathe and soft fabrics prevent roughing up the skin plus circulation is VERY important down there. Boxers are great for airflow. If you prefer the boxer-briefs then use some Gold Bond spray under your sack after hopping out of the shower to keep you dry and reduce jock itch.

·       Finally check your penis and testicles every month carefully looking for both cancer and generally stuff that shouldn't be there. Usually if you are unlucky enough to catch an STD the pain or annoyance will have let you know...but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The Bonus Section

If you want to be more of animal between the sheets then you should do two things:

·       Exercise for sex - That means working your hips and core, being flexible, and having solid cardio.

·       Eat for sex - That means eating spinach, eggs, meat, nuts, oatmeal, fish, berries, and drinking unsweetened tea. There are a bunch of scientific reasons behind the boosts stemming from the vitamins and minerals you need to maximize your sex drive but why bore you with the facts...just do it.

There you have it, Manwall's guide to caring for your junk. This is powerful and important information every guy should know for a long and healthy sex life.