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5 Ways to Pimp Out Your Online Dating Profile For Max Results

We have been talking a lot about online dating lately but perhaps not enough about what to do once you've signed up for for the site of your choice. There are countless guys on these sites and, frankly, most of them do it wrong. If you want to talk to more girls and get more results from your online dating presence, follow these five easy steps to pimp out your online dating profile.

1. Post Interesting Photos

Unless you are really good looking guy, like Johnny Depp good looking, your pictures could probably use a little extra juice. Unlike guys, girls don't just want to see what you look like, they want to get a glimpse inside your life. Try to post interesting photos of you doing interesting things. Take an interesting trip, meet an interesting person, or have a great shot if you mountain climbing on your last camping trip? These are all great ways to show a little something about yourself aside from just how you look.

2. Fun Answers

Look, no one really cares where you grew up what your favorite things are or what you do for work.  They want to see what you are like and they are hoping that it's entertaining.  Show off some of that sense of humor and wit and skip the boring responses.

3. Invite Conversation

Don't just talk about yourself, ask a question and have girls respond through messages.  This is a great way to get girls talking to you without having to contact them first.  Invite conversation in your profile and it will make it that much easier for girls to start contacting you.

4. Get to the Point

No one wants to read a thousand word essay about your life. Keep your answers short, simple, to the point, and as witty as possible.  Since most people will make their decision about you based largely on your photos anyway, anything longer than a couple hundred words is just a waste of time.  Focus on making the basics as good as possible and stop trying to overcompensate with lots of writing.

5. Prequalify Girls

Even if you're not looking for anything serious, there are probably girls that you will have a harder time getting along with than others.  Not big on the club scene?  Then you should probably avoid girls who spend their nights searching for the hottest scene. Like to hit the bong? Then you should probably look for a girl who is 4:20 friendly. Not big on religion?  Then you'll probably have a difficult time finding chemistry with a devout Catholic girl.  If you have a deal breakers, this is probably the place to point them out.