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5 Ways to Know if She Likes You

Since the dawn of man, guys have sat around and pondered one question: does she like me? Girls can be hard to read or feel differently about you from day to day. Worse yet, we as guys are always overthinking how she feels about us. If you're having a hard time reading whether she likes you back or just has bad gas, here are five ways to help figure out if she's into you.

Body Language – People can say anything but body language doesn't lie. Is she smiling, adjusting her hair, adjusting her clothes, or keeping long periods of eye contact? If she is, great, she's likely interested. Read on.

Flirting – There's a difference between having a conversation and flirting. Is she being playful or is she just talking? Is she complimenting you or is she just talking? Are you joking around with each other or is she just talking? If she's flirting with you, there's a good chance shes interested. Keep reading.

Body Contact – If she initiates body contact, whether it's touching your arm, hugging you, sitting on your lap, or playing around, this could very well be her way of asking you to do the same. Of course, don't just assume and get hit with charges. Maybe she just tripped.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words – She may not always be straightforward about her feelings but is she going out of her way to offer you things, invite you places, and ask you to do things with her? Girls aren't just going to spend time and effort on someone they don't like or don't trust. Take a hint.


She Actually Spends Time With You – Girls don't spend a bunch of time with guys they don't like. Even if you're just a friend, there's a good chance you have at least broken past the guard and she's comfortable with you. From there, it's a matter of whether you want a friend or you like her. It wouldn't be the first time that friends became more than just friends. JUST ASK HER OUT ALREADY!