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5 Ways to Keep Her Interested After a Couple Dates

First dates are stressful, but relatively simple. The hard part is keeping them interested. Initial attraction is nice, but if it's a girlfriend or some other form of long term relationship you're looking for you have to show them something more. Let's take a look at a few ways to keep girls interested after the first couple of dates.


1. Do an Activity Together
Become part of the routine. Create a bond over a similar interest, bike riding, a class, watching crappy movies. If you don't have an activity she can join you in or vice versa, just start doing something new together.

2. Show Her Your Value

It's relatively easy to date girls but much harder to get into a long term relationship. Most guys' value is relative, there are millions of other guys who have plenty of value and want the same thing. Girls want to know that you're a) trustworthy, b) not boring, c) have something to offer her. Maybe you're funny, maybe you are really good in bed, or maybe you're just great to talk to. Depending on the girl, you may have just a few dates for her to know if this is going somewhere or just a fling.

3. Keep it Fun

Don't put pressure on her or yourself. Just enjoy things, together. You don't need to add pressure by pushing for labels like “boyfriend-girlfriend” or “exclusive” or with activities like meeting parents. Your relationship will be whatever it's going to be, regardless of what you call it.

4. Good Sex

Remember that she's there for a reason too. Show her a good time and she'll want to keep coming back. Ninety seconds of action with no foreplay, probably not going to win you any points. She's not a jungle gym, she is there for the same reason you're there. Good sex won't keep them around forever but bad or boring sex will definitely drive them away.

5. Watch for Warning Signs

Too often we get too caught up in the chase to notice the warning signs of a relationship that shouldn't happen. If you detect deal breakers that you two probably wont sort out, don't assume things will work themselves out. Don't settle just because she's willing to be with you if you guys aren't really meshing. When you are starting to date someone, don't rush in and don't rush to conclusions. See what she's all about and how you guys hit it off. If you don't hit it off, there's no need to keep chasing or beat yourself up over something that isn't meant to be.