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5 Steps to Meeting Girls Online


At some point between the 90s and today, online dating lost some or most of its taboo and has become the only logical way for a society that spends most of its time online to meet people without ever having to go outside. Regardless of your own feelings toward online dating, simply consider this; there are thousands, maybe millions of women on these sites looking for a guy. If there is one thing that dating is about it's the pure numbers game.


With online dating sites like OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, and Match, you have access to tens of thousands of girls that are after a guy so hard that they are selling themselves online. So with a whole market of chicks out there for the taking, why aren't you getting girls yet?


1. Photos – Online dating is supposed to be about chemistry and similar interests but let's not pretend we live in such a progressive world. It's all about the photo, and don't think it isn't. Luckily, only part of it is about how good you actually look. Sure, everyone wants someone as attractive as possible but girls are also looking for a glimpse into your life. Show them what it's like to date you, and make it seem fun, not just sitting around playing Modern Warfare 3 all day. Avoid other girls and exes in photos, show what you do regularly, show you having fun. But please, no photos of you shirtless.


2. Profile – Again, the photo is the first and most important thing but if a girl gets past that the profile becomes that much more important. You don't need to give a book jacket summary of your life here. Be funny and positive. Keep it short. Consider what a girl might see in you and lead with the positives.

3. Messages – When you first initiate contact, keep it short, fun, and about them. But not their looks. Focus on their interests, what they seem like in their profile or photos, get to know them. Depending on the site and the girl, it may be quite a few messages before she is comfortable to actually meet you.

4. It's a Numbers Game – Online dating sucks. So does regular dating. You have to remember its a numbers game. The more girls you message, the more will respond, the more you meet, the more of a chance you have to land the one you really want. And have some fun in the process.

5. The Meet up – Depending on the girl, it may be best to meet first before going on a real “date date.”  This relieves the pressure of meeting someone for first time and allows you to spend your date actually meeting each other rather than trying to “woo” her.