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5 Steps to Dating Waitresses, Bartenders, Baristas, and Strippers

Unless you are proactively searching, a lot of the time the only girls you will encounter will be working girls – waitresses, bartenders, baristas, strippers, heck, even toll booth collectors. Just because they are at work and seem unapproachable, doesn't mean it's not worth a shot if you see someone you like. You just need to remember that these girls are just like every other girl – except they get hit on and have to deal with rowdy customers all day or all night. This means rather than go all out, getting one of these girls' number requires a little more finesse. Here are the five steps you need to get the girl.

1. Put Yourself in Her Shoes

A girl at work is not a girl at a bar or club – they didn't come there to get hammered and get hit on. Still, these girls are hit on all day and usually work long and boring shifts dealing with annoying or overwhelming customers. Take that into consideration. Make it as easy on her as possible because no one else has.

2. Stand Out

Don't be the annoying guy that's constantly hitting on her and stopping her from working. You need to stand out from the other twenty guys that will bug her that day. This one really depends on personal preference. Maybe you stand out with the way you order, maybe you made a hilarious joke, maybe you're the guy that has an AC/DC shirt in every color. If you're just another guy, you're not likely to be remembered by a girl who has to deal with dozens of guys each day.

3. Create a Bond

If you used to be a waiter or server, perfect. Work things are the best to bond over during crappy work hours. Give her a nickname. Give yourself a nickname. Make up an inside joke for just the two of you. However you bond with people, now is the time to pull it out. No, not that, keep that in your pants.

4. Talk About Her

No little girl grows up wanting to serve people for ten bucks an hour. These are holdover jobs which means just about every girl that has one also has an idea in her head about how shes gonna quit for good and go do whatever it is she wants. And they LOVE talking about it. Skip the stupid “So, do you like being a waitress?” No, idiot, no one in the history of waiting tables has enjoyed it. Ask her what she wants to do when she gets out of there instead.

5. Tip Well

Kind of an obvious one. Don't skimp on the tip if you want to date the girl!

A Note on Strippers:

Strippers are different from the other working girls like waitresses and bartenders because they work in the sex industry. All they encounter are guys that want to have sex with them. That includes you but you don't have to be so damn obvious about it.


Don't go for the lap dance. Don't be grabby. Don't pay to go in the VIP booth. Sit there and talk to her like a person, completely dismissing the fact that there's gyrating girls dancing to bad 80s songs. That's how you stand out in a strip club.