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5 Reasons You Should Date Several Girls

Let's face it, life is just a numbers game. If you want to find a job, just send out as many resumes as possible and you're bound to get one. Same goes for girls, the more you date, the more likely you will find the girl you're looking for. By cutting out that sequential string of girls and simply dating several girls at once, you will drastically improve your dating life and find the girl you really like a lot quicker. Here are biggest five reasons you should date more than one girl.

1. There's less pressure.
There is a lot of pressure that goes along with dating a girl. If you are dating one girl you are going to really want things to work out with her. If you are dating several girls and it doesn't work out with one, all you're doing is trimming down the competition. Won't respond to your texts? Always too busy? No sense of humor? No biggie, you can just call another girl rather than bitch about one to your friends.

2. You can be picky.

If you are with one girl, you are always learning to live with her personality “quirks.” Too many bad relationships start out by settling for someone who is not really what you are looking for because we have a choice of one girl to pick from. If you are dating several girls, you don't need to sweat shitty attitudes, you can just trim down the competition yourself. In other words, you never have to put up with a girl's BS if you don't want to.

3. You will find what you're looking for quicker.

You are going to date several girls anyway, but odds are you are going to date them sequentially, one at a time. By dating several girls at once, you will cut down your time spent looking (and being in relationships you don't want to be in) drastically.

4. You will get better at dating.

Dating is a skill and one that you can only get better at by doing. Dating several girls at once will hone those skills and your social and emotional intelligence which will in turn make you a better “dater” with every girl.

5. More sex.

Unless you're saving yourself like Tim Tebow, you want all the options possible when it comes to sex. If you only have one girl you can call, you're going to spend a lot of time with your tube of hand lotion. If you have several girls you can call, your odds of enjoying real life nakedness skyrocket.