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5 Places to Meet Girls That Aren't Bars or Clubs

Let's face it, the old method of rounding up your buddies and hitting the bar or club to meet women is as outdated as the popped shirt collars these guys wear as they strut down the street in formation. Sure, you might get lucky and send the rest of your dejected friends home to their Fleshlights. Hell, you might not even catch the clap.


If it's on-guard annoying club girls that get hotter with each drink that you're after, by all means, continue re-using old routines out of your Pick-Up Artist manual. If you're tired of the same old Friday night routine that usually ends in a lonely Asian porn marathon, here are five places you might get yourself a real date instead of a mental note to get tested.


1. Parties – Unlike crowded, loud, and seedy nightclubs and bars, parties usually provide a more comfortable and less date rapey atmosphere. Usually you will have similar friends or acquaintances and plenty of “ins” to approach girls without coming off like a creep. Better yet, ask one of your friends at the party introduce you.

2. Stores and Shops – Think about the places you spend time throughout the week. No, not the toilet. Whether you are shopping for melons (pun intended) at the supermarket, waiting in line to get your decaf mocha chai latte, or looking for the latest Danielle Steele romance novel at Barnes and Noble, don't be afraid to strike up a conversation over the course of your daily life.

3. Take a Class – I know, you already know everything you want to know. But maybe you've always wanted to take a class in cooking, some new exercise program, film, or even classical literature. Go for it. You get to meet plenty of people with similar interests, see them weekly, and get plenty of opportunities to talk without it seeming like you're just trying to get laid. Worst-case scenario, all of your classmates are dudes but at least now you can cook a mean lasagna.

4. Gym – First, girls at the gym are at least taking care of themselves and know you are too. Very different from the “let's get as trashed as possible” atmosphere at the bar or club. It's never going to be easier to talk to a girl than when you're at the adjacent treadmill, unless of course she's got her iPod blasting her Lady Gaga mix.


5. Family/Friends – Half of all relationships begin thanks to introductions from friends and family. Don't be afraid to ask your friends or relatives if they know someone for you. Don't be afraid to test the market. Even if you have to ask your grandma about her friend's granddaughter from Florida.