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5 Lessons in Being a Man From Louis CK


In the last decade, comedian Louis CK has truly become one of the most honest, insightful, and popular stand-ups in the world.  His no-holds-barred attitude on stage creates a completely unique take on life's most basic situations.  But it took him years to get to this point, and while he's not looking back, he has plenty to teach us about being a man.  Here are five lessons that we can take away from Louis CK.

1. Work Harder

After every comedy special he films, he writes a brand new hour every single year.  This is almost unprecedented in comedy as many hour-long stand up comedy specials can take 5 to 10 years to develop.  By pumping out an hour of brand new grade-A material every year, Louis has outworked almost every single comedian which has helped launch him as far up as he is today.  If you just work harder than everyone else, it is almost impossible that you won't see the results.

2. Forget What Everyone Else Does

Other comedians try to work clean and refrain from buzzwords to not offend people but Louis' gritty style has made made him a household name.  Most comedians have their special done by HBO or Comedy Central. Louis produces and distributes his specials himself.  Other TV shows have writing staffs and large production crews, Louis writes, directs, produces, edits, and stars in the hit FX show Louie all on his own.  Just because other people have a certain set way of doing things, doesn't mean that you can't have your own equally (or more) effective way.

3. Try Everything

How did Louis become such a great director, producer, editor, and general tech geek?  By trying every single thing he could.  Don't dismiss things because they're new, difficult, or uncool.  The only way to get great is to try everything.

4. It Takes Time

Louis has really become a major comedian but it wasn't always this way.  For years he was the guy in the suit doing Jerry Seinfeld-esque observational jokes.  Over time, he dug deeper and deeper and now his specials can rival those of people like George Carlin and Bill Hicks in their insight and uniqueness.

5. Be Honest, Brutally So

Louis isn't just honest on stage, he is honest offstage.  His hordes of online followers love him because there is nothing to disingenuous about him.  His stand up followers love him for his cutting commentary that doesn't hold back anything.  Other comedians hate him because he makes them look like assholes.  In a world where everyone is trying to spin something, there is nothing that impresses people more than brutal honesty.