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5 Dating Lessons From Pick-Up Artists

You have probably seen or heard about The Game, The Mystery Method or VH1's The Pick-Up Artist. They are billed as the world's greatest pick-up artists and are willing to teach you all of their secrets. For a nominal fee, of course. The “PUA” community is big online as well, with countless forums and e-manuals to teach you to “sarge” girls (sarge basically means go on a pick-up spree), also available for a fee. Luckily, Manwall is here to give you all their best stuff – for free. Here are 5 lessons you can learn from “the world's greatest pick-up artists.”

1. Peacocking

Peacocking is a PUA term for standing out. Extreme examples of this may be leather pants, a big Abe Lincoln hat, a feather boa, etc. Look, you're not a pro wrestler so you can take it easy on the Jesse “The Body” Ventura look. But you may want to consider upgrading the t-shirt and jeans to something that a) shows who you are, b) gives girls something to notice about you, and c) gives you things to talk about. I never thought I'd say this to an audience of thousands of guys but don't be afraid to accessorize.

2. Routines

Pick-up artists like to use “routines,” worked out lines and stories that they may use on dozens of girls in one night. The thing about pick-up artists is underneath all that flashiness is just a bunch of nerds who have broken down dating into each aspect. Like the sabermetrics of dating.


All you need to consider is what you are going to talk about with a girl. You don't want to go in and have to fish for topics, most of us don't have the improv skills to pull that off. Have something to work with. Have a few items of clothing or accessories with stories behind them. Be aware of whats interesting about you and lead with that. Have topics that you can talk passionately about.


A lot of guys think the first thing to say to a girl is the hardest. Actually, it's very simple to just walk up and say Hey, I'm Joe. It's what you say afterwards that matters.

3. Demonstrating Value

They call it demonstrating value, in the real world it is simply called showing her you're not a loser who lives in his mom's basement. Though pick-up artists do have an interesting take on demonstrating value:

First, you want to show off something that's special or unique about you, what you're passionate about, etc. The problem is when guys start bragging. Don't brag about your money, who you know, your abs, and for god's sake, how big your penis is. You need to demonstrate value in the same way that movies reveal characters and plots a little at a time. Tell stories that show you are a good person with stuff going on. Don't be self deprecating and do a whole “Aw, shucks” routine but do keep your modesty.

4. Cocky-Funny

This is something AskMen's David DeAngelo is best known for and PUAs have a similar term called “negging”. Cocky-funny and negging basically mean making light fun of her without a) actually hurting her feelings and b) being an asshole. Basically, be funny but don't be self deprecating or actually mean to her.

In the real world we call this flirting.
5. Psychology/Neuro-linguistic Programming

See why I said they're just a bunch of nerds? A bunch of these guys read a bunch of books about hypnosis and NLP and biology and figured out linguistic triggers that the brain responds to. It's actually pretty fascinating stuff that teaches you a lot about how people make decisions and how you can manipulate that. But, odds are you want to get laid, not spend the next month reading complicated college texts. If you're more into the latter, you can check out for an introduction and a reading list at the bottom.