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10 Things to Do Before You Get Married

There is always a big to-do for women about the things they need to do before they get married like have a fling with a bad-boy, take a road trip with the girls, travel somewhere exotic, and such. Of course we have bucket lists and other things to do before we die. But this is a Man's site and as such we need a Man's list of things to do before he gets hitched; because after you say "I do" it is a lot of "Yes dear".


Weekend in Vegas - Grab the Wolfpack because it is time to get flipping crazy baby! Plan on doing it all; drinking, gambling, shows, golf, and of course getting laid. Just avoid visiting Elvis and getting hitched on accident.

Travel to Another Country with Friends - Canada and Mexico don't count. Make it an epic trip that you can always remember and do it before you have responsibilities and worries. Backpacking the Alps? Yeah, that will work.

Hit the Strip Club - You need to try it at least once, preferably before your bachelor party where temptation can ruin the big day. A lap dance or two is also highly suggested!

Find the One That Got Away - Everybody has that one from high school or college. Whatever the reason or situation that happened before; just go figure it out now. We have all seen those sappy movies about guys who try to reconnect later and how pathetic it looks.

Live on Your Own - Don't be that guy who goes from mom taking care of him to his wife. Learn how to be a man and survive on your own. Trust me when I say it will make your marriage stronger if you can both carry the weight of a household.

Have a Threesome - It is generally a bad idea to try this idea with your wife so make sure to check this item off the bucket list now. No strings or guilt is a beautiful thing; almost as nice as a pair of naked ladies in your bed.

Visit Oktoberfest - This is definitely a Bro Trip. It takes a rare woman to eat bratwurst and belch beer all day. Just to be safe you better go now rather than limiting yourself to a girl who can down a stein. Plus she might smack the crap out of you for looking at the pretty girls in the maid outfits.

Be a Best Man - Consider it a dry run for what you will go through and a chance to plan a kick ass bachelor's party. Plus you need to bang a bridesmaid to really make this list complete so why not go two-for-one here?

Do Something Extreme - Skydiving, rock climbing, or bungee jumping all fit the bill. Maybe surfing Australia or Snow Boarding Vale is your thing. Whatever it is make sure you do it now with your Bro's while you can.

Make Your Life Goals - Right now your life is yours. After you are married it is ours. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you should still write down what you want to do in life and then start doing it.