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View from the Street - Talking Politics NYC Style

Live on the streets of New York! Manwall heads out to get real answers from real people on the issues that are important to our viewers.

Do you want to know what the people that wander around the streets of New York City think about politics? Hell yeah you do! With the looming presidential election between President Obama and Mitt Romney almost here we had to take to the streets to find out what the 'common man' (or woman, or crazy person) thinks about the charged political climate.

The results were...unexpected to say the least. But our crack staff is always willing to ask the tough questions to perspective voters to really find out who they support.

What did we learn? Well it seems that everyone we talked to likes Obama in this upcoming election. Also we found out that black men have larger penises then white men (not really a news flash).

How will this impromptu poll affect the course of the election? More than likely not one damn bit. I got a solid $20 that says none of the people we interviewed will actually vote in anything other than a wet t-shirt contest anytime soon.