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Carvel + Heroin, NYC Style

Here’s the scenario. You’re walking through Penn Station getting ready to leave NYC and you come across a scary-looking man attempting to eat ice cream. While he stumbles outside the subway entry, he starts yelling in your direction. What do you do? Like most people you probably would walk in the other direction to try avoiding any kind of interaction with the crazed man.

Well here at ManWall we don’t believe in avoiding someone like this. In fact, we believe in walking straight up to scary-looking, ice cream eating, heroin enabling people and asking them a series of questions. We don’t really know if he was on heroin but by the looks of things - we took an educated guess. There’s no doubt the ManWall team brightened his day because someone who looked so scary was actually very easy to talk to. Minus dodging the ice cream spit and slurred words that came out of this guy’s mouth.

We asked a series of questions along with some political opinion such as: who do you think is going to win the upcoming election, Obama or Romney? This wasn’t as successful as we wanted it to be and as cracked out as he was, he didn’t believe us when we told him the next president was going to give free ice cream to all US citizens. Check out what else we asked him because it is a funny video and like I said ManWall brightened his day. Also, don’t feel bad for him because we did help him get onto his subway and promised him some ice cream if we saw him again.

If you can’t understand his answers (we barely did) just know that three very important things were learned from this interview. Carvel is the best ice cream around, never stop brushing your teeth and New York is the best, f*ck the rest!